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Mars Curiosity landing was a huge success!

Go here if you want to follow the mission.

"The prophetic photo of the Vietnamese girl running naked down the street with Napalm burned ..."

The Trump-Protecting Anti-Trumper
"Once again, excuse me? You know nothing about me, Linda. That you would even assume ..."

The Trump-Protecting Anti-Trumper
"Whatever Breitbart says it is."

The Trump-Protecting Anti-Trumper
"That this is what ignites your passions speaks volumes."

The Trump-Protecting Anti-Trumper

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  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    Very cool. But I have to wonder: Why is it that we can send a land rover millions of miles away and land it intact on another planet, but we can’t get it to transmit a high resolution color photograph?

    Part of me hopes it is because it is due to a massive NASA cover-up, that they are purposefully hiding the real photos of all the Martian princesses.

  • Mark P M

    My understanding is that full-color, hi-res photos are coming, but everybody is still deep-breathing over having made it. Today is dial-down day.

  • Gee, all this and it only cost something like $2,500,000,000.00! What a colossal waste of public funds. Dial-down day should have been the day after someone first proposed the mission.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  • Nick R

    Ah yes, exploring the universe and furthering science can be rather costly We should go back and let Queen Isabella know she should save her ducats.