New Blog!

A reader writes:

A friend of mine, Brandon Vogt, suggested I share with you two blogs that I am involved with to seek your promotional aid.

+ The first is a Year of Faith blog/website that a friend of mine and I developed to prep for, and celebrate, the YOF. This blog posts every other day with brief reflections on faith drawn largely from personal witness stories, but soon to be peppered with more theology/resource posts. The website contains mostly prayer card resources.

Blog, see:

Website, see:

+ The second is my personal blog, NealObstat, that I have maintained for a year or so.  My  blogging mission can be summarized as “The Word made fresh.” I strive to offer a fresh re-appropriation of traditional theological material, exposing the seductive beauty of intelligent orthodoxy. I strive to add greater dimension to posts by infusing hyperlinked images, music, and relevant documentation. The blog allows me a forum to think with just enough discipline to be able to say “I am doing theology,” but with sufficient flexibility to be playful with my ideas and language. NealObstat is thematically eclectic, often reacting to things that come into my life on a given day, though trying to stay close to the logic of the liturgical cycle since “theology is first and best done in the furnace of the divine liturgy.”


Anybody Brandon likes is good enough for me.  Great guy!  Plus: thumbs up for Neal Obstat punnery.

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  • Brandon Vogt

    Thanks for sharing, Mark! Dr. Tom Neal *is* a dear friend, and is so worthy of reading. He might be the smartest man I personally know, a theology doctor who recently accepted a professorship in spiritual theology at Notre Dame Seminary (alongside Dr. Brant Pitre.)

    If I can offer one suggestion, it’s this: read everything he writes. Here’s a sample:

  • Fr. Denis Lemieux

    Neal Obstat = Neal is an obstacle… hmmm.