Not Ready for Civilization

One of the entertaining phenomena on religious blogs is the pursuit of Manning’s Corollary to Godwin’s Law:

In any online conversation about an incident of violence perpetrated by adherents of Islamic fundamentalism, the conversation will inevitably devolve into claims that Christians commit the same type and degree of violent acts, regardless of how demonstrably false that is; further, the claim will be made that past historical violence involving Christians means that present-day Christians are morally incapable of denouncing current violence involving Muslims.

Look for practitioners to go into overdrive in order to explain away, not a mob of unlettered, but representative of the government of Pakistan jailing an 11 year girl with Down’s Syndrome for blasphemy against Mohammed. That doesn’t even count the 300 families fleeing for their lives.

Meanwhile in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is crucifying opponents.

Let the rationalizations begin.

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