The Ego Has Landed

Neil Armstrong’s death reminds Obama of Obama.

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  • JB

    As John the Baptist was to Jesus Christ, so Nixon’s megalomania was the forerunner of Obama’s. Nixon called the first Moon landing – and impliedly his Presidential term under which it occurred – “the greatest event since the Creation”, thus putting Jesus Christ in his place.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      I agree that that statement was stupid, and that Nixon was a megolomaniac. However, it doesn’t necessarily follow that that statement was connecting his presidency to the moon landing. You’re stretching unless there’s more context.

  • CJ

    That’s it?!? Not seeing the massive egomania in this particular item.

  • John

    The Ego has Landed? Cute. But, petty.

    • SecretAgentMan

      That’s why it’s cute, instead of beautiful.

  • Matt G

    I’m no fan of Obama but I’m not seeing the ego trip here. The quote is pretty spot-on, as I think it captures the sense of gratitude and optimism that most Americans feel for Armstrong. As for the photo, in what way is a photo of the nation’s leader looking *up* at the moon in contemplation an indication of great ego?

    • Irenist

      That was pretty much my response, too.

    • Glenn

      “As for the photo, in what way is a photo of the nation’s leader looking *up* at the moon in contemplation an indication of great ego?”

      Really? Neil Armstrong — the first human to set foot on a planet/moon/heavenly body other than Earth, and a man who was renown for his humility and purposefulness in avoiding fame and hero worship — dies, and Obama posts a photo of himself gazing at the Moon. That’s not eogtistical?

    • Glenn

      And that photo of himself was taken last April but is being used to intimate that Obama was wistfully gazing at the Moon just a day or two ago, supposedly contemplating the passing of a great man and his titanic accomplishments. Riiiiight.

    • Tim in Cleveland

      The picture was posted on the White House’s official tumblr site (wasn’t aware there was one). I imagine Obama himself doesn’t post there, but some enamored 20-something staffer who probably never heard of Neil Armstrong. So I can’t fault the President for this either.

  • Observer

    Someone came up with a past picture just to sufficiently meet the moment Amrstrong passed away: cheap and easy PR work.

  • Dan B

    The Armstrong family did ask us to look at the moon as a way of honoring Neil:
    “For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request. Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink.”
    The family’s full statement can be found here:
    I’m no fan of Obama but I think it’s possible that his staff posted that photo in response to the family’s statement. The fact that it’s from April would hardly matter to a staffer looking for a good image for the moment.

  • AZLori

    Reminds me of Brian Regan’s “I Walked On The Moon” routine–