Victor Wooten is right up there….

…as one of the greatest, if not *the* greatest bass player on planet Earth.  Here he is, being delightful and awesome, as is his custom:

What joy!

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  • victor

    One of my favorite tunes.

    But WHERE is the love for Future Man? WHERE?!

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Allegro non troppo ?

  • Bill Burns

    One of my favs, along with Marcus Miller! A friend of his, Oteil Burbridge (Aquarium Rescue Unit) is also incredible.

  • Jeff

    He’s one of the greats, but still doesn’t hold a candle to Phil Lesh, or better yet, Jaco Pastorius.

  • Kathleen Lundquist

    Yay! Redemption for this piece of music! (This version is sooooo much less boring than Stevie Wonder’s original!)

  • Charles

    Phil Lesh???
    Really? Phil Lesh before Stanley Clarke, Ray Brown, Ron Carter, heck Geddy Lee, you gotta be kidding.
    Jaco was the trailblazer who was transmogrified from a cauldron of Larry Graham and Charlie Haden, when he could keep it together.

    VICTOR WOOTEN’s portrait is next to all dictionary definitions of “together!” No one close.

  • Luke Shea

    I can’t remember the name of the tune, but Victor Wooten has a great recording where he pays homage to his bass heroes and plays solos in their styles. It’s phenomenal. I’ll post a video if I can find one.

  • Luke Shea

    P.S. Victor, I have the love for Futureman right here! Six bushels of it.

  • Scott W.

    Ya. If your standard of greatest bass player is the one playing on the most hits imbedded in the public consciousness, then it’s James Jamerson.

    If your standard is who did more for the instrument itself and inspired people to learn bass over the guitar as opposed to the usual “Worst guitar player in the band get stuck on bass” rule, then it is Jaco all day long.

    Victor is highly talented and a worthy candidate for best bass player currently living, but he’s standing on the shoulders of giants.

  • Jason C.

    I met him at a bluegrass festival in Texas in 2001. A really cool guy. He gave my friend and I a bass lesson and then we talked about his battery-powered practice amp he takes with him everywhere. I remember really wanting one at the time, but then think–wait, I’m a guitarist, and our instrument actually sounds better without electric amplification. Good memory, thanks for that!

  • Luke T.

    Absolutely sublime. (Isn’t HE wonderful?) I’ve followed Wooten’s work with the Flecktones and his solo stuff, and it’s all incredible. I wrote a piece about his mastery of “groove” here: