Well, that’s one way of getting rid of all those expensive old people

Feel safe, or you may be an enemy of the state.

First it was the Department of Homeland Security, then it was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and now the Social Security Administration is set to purchase 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets that will be delivered to 41 locations across the country.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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  • Hezekiah Garrett

    Didnt you post a longer version 3 days ago?

  • Mark, a quick technical point, from someone who hasn’t read the link: If you have a legitimate reason to shoot in self-defense, or the defense of others, hollow points don’t go through the assailant and on to injure some other bystander. They are more deadly to the person attacking (the one you are trying to stop), but they are less deadly to the person on the other side of the wall, standing behind the guy, etc. As a result, it can be a legitimate prudential choice to use this type of ammunition over other types. [Likewise, there are situations where hollow points are not the right choice.] If I were charged with arming security guards at a federal building, the safety of the civilian bystanders would certainly be a consideration.

    Assuming of course there is a need for legitimate defense, etc etc. And on that, of course, I share your cautious outlook.

    (PS: Just read [most of] your article in _Catholic Answers_ on voting Catholics. Excellent. Keep up the good work!)

    • MarylandBill

      I think the issue is more, why does the Social Security Administration need 174,000 rounds of ammunition.

      They do have an branch whose job is to investigate internal corruption and I do believe some of the investigators carry handguns, but 174,000 seems an excessive amount.

      • Ted Seeber

        Plus, of course, supply for the security guards in every office in the union. I wonder how many offices they have? I’m aware of at least 15 in Oregon alone.

      • mparrot

        The SSA has 265 special agents who’s job it is to investigate Social Security fraud and the like. When you take the 174,000 rounds of ammo and spread it out to your agents, that has each agent receiving something like 600 rounds a piece. Which still sound like a lot until you break it down monthly. That gives you 50 rounds a month or 1 box. I would bet that the SSA has to qualify with their weapons annually and the SSA gives each officer enough ammo to practice with. ( A typical qualification course can be anywhere from 30-50 rounds depending on the agency)

  • Chris

    No, they wouldn’t be using them for target practice, either. I suspect the government is raiding the budgets of these agencies to spread out the purchases, and then deliver them to a single unit. I know it sounds like so much tinfoil, but I think it’s no longer unthinkable that the government is creating a Brownshirt-esque domestic “protection” agency, to combat insurrection… Oh well, nations come, nations go…

  • Kristen inDallas
    • Having just had encounter #2 with the (mentally ill) resident parish sweet-old-lady/con-artist . . . I get it, Kristen. People who commit fraud don’t like it when they get caught. Inasmuch as the SSA investigators are in fact police officers doing police work, it’s a reasonable purchase.

      [Luckily I needed no weapon this morning, other than prayer, since I’m not exactly toting a .357 to daily mass . . . sweet old con artist lady, who told me on Friday she was destitute, this morning showed me her “legal documents” to the oil and gas fields she was leasing to somebody for the next 40 years, and explained that she *had been* going to sign all that money over to me and Fr. W, back when we were kind generous people before we fact-checked her story, but now that we’d called her a liar, no more $11,000 a month for us. God bless the officers who have to deal with the truly evil, and not just the slightly-deluded.]

  • Kirt Higdon

    Some of this may be spending for the sake of spending. In the government, you never want your department or office to come in under budget. Ammo can be distributed to hobbyists for personal use under the excuse of practice to defend against terrorists. The rulers may believe a lot of their own propaganda about the terrorist threat and, knowing well their own misdeeds, they may well fear an insurrection should the subjects find out how they are being abused. But actually the rulers have little to fear. The sheeple are both ignorant and apathetic; they don’t know and they don’t care. Were there any real sentiment for an insurrection, Julian Assange would be leading a world revolution instead of being holed up in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London.

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    Yesterday I pulled up at a red light next to a “U. S. Government Printing Office Police” squad car. I am not kidding.

    • I take it that is somewhat a new phenomenon in the District?

    • Glenn

      I, too, have wondered why I see Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Police cars, and Secret Service Police cars all around DC Why do the FBI and Secret Service need a police force? But the most chilling force I’ve seen to date was the head-to-toe black-clad, fully body-armored Department of Homeland Security Police force, complete automatic rifles and handguns, meandering about the peaceful crowd (filled with young mothers and young children) that was protesting the HHS mandate a few months ago outside the HHS HQ Building. Funny that not even the DC Police, let alone these commandos, were anywhere to be seen during the Occupy Wall Street protests.

  • “I suspect the government is raiding the budgets of these agencies to spread out the purchases, and then deliver them to a single unit.”

    That is classic Chicago politics for you. It happens in Illinois state government (which is now completely under the control of the Chicago Machine) all the time.

    @Jennifer Fitz: I don not for one second buy the “hollow points for safety” argument. And it just further begs the question: what are these rounds needed for in the first place?

  • James Hogan

    I took pistol training at the Merchant Marine Academy in November of last year. Hollow points are preferred for the pistol range, because they don’t damage the back of the range like solid bullets do. The bullets are bought for pistol range use for pistol training the security guards for the respective agencies.