Zac Alstin…

debunks the Myth of the Self-Made Man, as anti-catholic and anti-Christian a myth as any lie of modernity.  If there is one thing Christianity exists to destroy, it is the lie that any human being is “self-made.”

“You are not your own; you were bought with a price.” – 1 Cor 6:19-20.  This is true, by the way, not just with sexual libertines, but with economic libertines too.

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  • John

    Well said. We’re so quick to apply labels, and harden positions around them, that it is quite easy to get caught up in our own pride, entitlement And self interest.

  • dan tracy

    An appropriate discussion from Zac.
    Specific to President Obama’s comment, I believe it was his lecturing and somewhat scolding delivery set a tone that garnered negative reactions. Guess he had to play to his base.

    Zac’s piece is more insightful.

  • SDG

    You didn’t build that!

  • Blog Goliard

    I’m grateful for the gaffe and the resulting controversy, as it proved revealing.

    Revealing of the solid, unalloyed collectivism and government-centrism at Obama’s core.

    Revealing of the pride and solipsism and materialism of those of his opponents who view worldly wealth and success as acceptable proxies for virtue and goodness and worth as a human being.

  • I really don’t know anyone who thinks themselves self-made as an island unto themselves. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t believe that they have been helped along the way by numerous people, infrastructures, and yes, history. If Obama was making a point that no one I know would really disagree with it was not a point at all. I do know some people who give no one any poetic license in their manner of speaking self-made.

  • David Davies

    As a California taxpayer I contributed the money for the infrastructure of highways, power grids and services that made it possible for Jobs and Wozniak to build Apple. That being said, it was their genius that built Apple, not the taxes we paid. So, yes, they built that.

    Nobody thinks they stand alone in the world, self-created and self-sufficient. Nobody. Anyone who says otherwise is pulling a red herring across the path.

  • David Davies

    Why do you suppose that Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying of himself: “Talent on LOAN from God”. Does that sound like someone who believes himself ‘self-made’?

  • I M Forman

    Being a self-made man is some kind of overblown sense of pride? Using that phrase alone suggest some lack of respect for God? This is a Trojan Horse to make this collectivist nonsense more acceptable. This is a veiled attack against Romney, clear and simple. This collectism that is the basis for “you didn’t build that” is liberalism, the same liberalism that is ready to use tax dollars for abortion to kill babies. “You didn’t buld that?” Yes, successful people did build that. God gave them the talent to, and the result of their labor is as individual as their 0wn fingerprint. These talented people pay taxes as well. Like it or not, the alternative is Obama who supports abortion and gay marriage.

  • In a plain, ordinary, physical sense, Obama’s claim fails. Government did not build the roads, bridges, and electrical transmission lines. They may have gathered the money. They may have laid out and approved the plan. But unless the infrastructure is relatively small (like a single intersection), government contracts those things out to private industry. Hoover dam may be a “federal dam” but the work was done by contractors (go take the dam tour and you’ll see).
    And if it’s a government project by reason of the Treasury issuing a check, it is not so obvious why the tax checks that filled up that treasury are to be discounted down to zero. What is infuriating about the Obama statement is that it comes from an attitude that he is the top dog and not the people’s servant.
    Right now we are tremendously short of people willing to take risks and hire employees. The psychic rewards of building a business are relatively cheap to pay out. A bit of lip service here and there. Obama wanted to humble business owners. That’s not his job because he’s not their boss. God is.