A $16 trillion deficit…

…is not nearly enough to stop Caesar from erecting a vast police state face recognition system to keep an eye on you.

Because it’s our Ruling Class vs. the rest of us. Why not spend your money so they can keep you under their thumb? It’s no skin off their noses.

We’re reaching the point where it is only God and his Church that trust you with freedom. The control freaks are taking over the state and the corporations.

Speaking of corporate control-freakishness

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand fast therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” – Galatians 5:1

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  • The national debt is the tip of the iceberg. US total debt is nearly 57 trillion and our unfunded liabilities are over 120 trillion. That’s over 1 million dollars in unfunded liabilities per taxpayer. Don’t forget to thank your congressmen.


  • We have a $1.2T deficit, which is the yearly difference between our on books revenues and expenses. We have a $16T debt which is the accumulated on books debt and we have made future promises in excess of our expected revenues of $84T in constant dollars (already inflation adjusted). It is this last figure that is going to sink us and it is also the figure most amenable to adjustment by humane changes in present legislation.
    If there were a Catholic political education worth anything in this country sermons would regularly ring out from pulpits illustrating how we are abusing our children and lying to the promised beneficiaries and how both are against our faith. There would be room made for the guys on the left and the guys on the right to solve the problem in conformance with their conscience but the basic facts would be put front and center because the problem isn’t partisan. It’s national and if we ignore it, the consequences of our smoking financial crater when we go down will be global.

  • Ted Seeber

    OTOH- if we could convince them to let autistic people with face blindness access their cloud, what a HUGE difference that could make in people’s lives. I could easily see a system where a bluetooth peripheral to a smartphone scans a contact list and then, again over bluetooth, whispers the person’s name in the ear…..