Continuing to Plow Out from Under my Mail…

I find this from Erin Manning:

Dear Dark Lord,

Welcome back from your Hidden Island Redoubt, where no doubt loads of sinister plotting for world domination occurred against the background music made by the screams of the insects who wandered unwarily into your campfire o’doom.

While you were occupied with this important work, I took the unpardonable liberty of publishing my first children’s science fiction book (available here in print form and here in Kindle form).  I realize that this bold step may win me hours of fine torture, especially when I admit that I make no attempt to teach children to love the bad guys, slave-holders, and sinister evil forces in my imaginary universe.  But before you order the boiling oil (so good for my complexion!) let me just mention that by maintaining the usually accepted paradigm of good vs. evil (with all the cheering on the side of good) I am really helping you by maintaining the element of surprise.  We wouldn’t want children aspiring to become Dark Lords themselves lest one of them rise up someday and challenge you to a Steel Cage Theology Match, now would we?

Hoping that this explanation will satisfy your unpredictable demands and mitigate my various punishments, I remain

Toadily your obt. svt.,

Erin Manning

Erin: I like the way your mind works.  I will have your brain removed for dissection. It’s my way of expressing affection.

Seriously, way to go on the new book!  Booyah!

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  • Erin Manning

    Mark, thank you so much! :) Do I get the “brain alive in a jar” package, or is that reserved for minions who have trained their brains’ electrical impulses to send messages of praise to your High Darkness in Morse code?