Far be it from me to create an international incident

…by arguing with a Canadian reader from British Columbia writes:

So I was driving down the I-5, headed to Our Lady of Peace in Beaverton OR for a silent retreat this weekend. And I thought, “I’ll bring ‘The Power in the Blood’ CD’s that Mark gave me to help pass the time on the long drive.” What a great experience that was! There were lots of themes from your discussion that came up at the retreat (funny how that Holy Spirit works, isn’t it?) It keep me awake through 5 different Friday rush hours from Everett to Portland. (next time, I will leave Canada at 10 am!!) So I offered a prayer for you as I passed your town and was thankful for your gifts. And Greg Popcak’s too. I’d love to hear more about the charisms thing. That is an area I’d like to explore. Thanks for speaking the truth and loving God. ((I know this politics thing is just consuming right now and you are driving a ton of my TAC friends nuts —- I am glad I am not an American but still I pray for the best result for all since what happens in America has ripple effects on the whole world.)) Pax!

Sorry for driving your friend (and others) nuts.  I will try, yet again, to disengage from the political stuff some (though it pretty much dominates the news and therefore my inbox).  But I’m glad you like the Power in the Blood set.  I’m really happy with how it turned out and hope more people will check it out since looking at the world Eucharistically is pretty much the heart and soul of the Faith–and of the universe.  Thanks for the endorsement!

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  • Ted Seeber

    YEAH! OLP got a mention. The Knights of Columbus in this area strongly support the good sisters at OLP. They still wear their habits too!