In the future, everybody will be Hitler for 15 Minutes

Dem leader compares Ryan to Goebbels. Klassy with a capital KKK.

Some of you may remember the New Civility the Dems called for after blaming some obscure graphic on a Palin mailing for inspiring an apolitical nutjob to shoot a congresswoman. Apparently, Nancy Pelosi has decided that’s yesterday’s news. So it’s back to the transformation of our political discourse into one massive USENET chat group. Because the Dems are enlightened and high-toned. Like this guy:

If you are having trouble reading that, it’s “Exterminate  Christians one bullet at a time”.

If you are a Progressive who thinks Obama and his cronies care about civility, I have one word to share with you: sucker.

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  • Linda C.

    Under the New Standard of the Double Standard, Godwin’s Law doesn’t apply as a silencer to Democrats, but still gets to be used as a club with which to beat those who think , for example, that support for euthansia/assisted suicide is reminiscent of Nazi practices concerning the disabled.

    The new definition of “civility” is, “Democrats/progressives may say anthing they please; Republicans/conservatives may not say anything, period.”

  • Robert Lennon

    Man, you’d think that the white guy with dreadlocks might be a little more chill.

  • John

    Ah, the old guilt by association argument. So, If a D, I’ve never heard of, compares R to Nazi, then President, as D leader, he is responsible for aforementioned D. He should have greater control of all of the little D’s…even kooks with ridiculous t-shirts. Good luck on that debate.

    • Matt

      Watch the dang video, Nancy Pelosi was sitting right next to him when he talked that way. She even chimed in.

  • Jack Hudson

    That dude is obviously gay and he is just pissed about it.