Leo Traynor is a class act

Leo Traynor is a class act September 28, 2012

Anybody who has ever had to deal with a troll can appreciate the magnanimity and classiness of this man’s actions. Way to go, good sir!

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  • Andy, Bad Person

    That is a truly powerful story, and it also terrifies me of using social media.

  • SDG

    1. This heartbreakingly beautiful ending to a horrifying story.

    2. I agree with those who have commented (on Twitter) that what happened here is not “trolling.” Feigning controversial opinions to get other people fighting, being deliberately obtuse and provocative, and so forth is trolling. What this young man did is intimidation, stalking, bullying and terrorizing. Let’s call a spade a spade.

    3. The disconnect between the elaborate, horrifying campaign of terror and the apparent lack of real malice is utterly chilling. It’s not hard to imagine a demonic influence here.

    4. It’s also not hard to think that this young man may be a sociopath, or a sociopath in the making.

    5. Traynor’s approach — humanizing himself and his wife to the boy — might be enough to awaken empathy in him and turn him from his path. Or the boy might be shedding crocodile tears and biding his time before picking another victim, perhaps one less capable of fighting back. Follow-up and verification are called for. Mercy is a beautiful thing, but not if someone else is victimized as a result.

  • Michaelus

    Bravo – and I love his insights in to Ireland’s financial destruction on his blog.

  • Will

    I noticed in the link that The Guardian has an excellent environmental section.

  • Ted Seeber

    I do troll on occasion. In the manner of SDG#2 above. My favorite human emotion when I’m trolling is guilt; I always try to use guilt to make people I disagree with uncomfortable enough to consider my point.

    Because the comfortable are never converted- and because, despite my innate autistic distrust of humanity, I’d love to see hell empty.

    This kid was not a troll- he was a stalker. I am going to remember Leo’s methodology next time somebody comes after me for being pro-life. Introducing them to my incredibly likable 9 year old special needs son and explaining that if he had any other parents and if prenatal testing had been a bit better, he would have been aborted, might just show them suffering is worthwhile.