Lessons on Morality from Shakespeare

…as articulated by Kevin O’Brien.

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  • http://davidgriffey.blogspot.com/ Dave G.

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as a Christian movie? That killed the rest of the article for me.

  • Richard Bell

    While many children’s cartoons are morally questionable, one of the most christian characters in children’s cartoons is Eek the Cat. He exudes faith, hope, and charity. Despite how the people around him abuse his good nature, he lives by his catchphrase “It never hurts to help!”.

  • beccolina

    Yeah, I can’t go with him about FBDO: break all the rules, thumb your nose at lawful authority (because it’s bO-ring), use and abuse your parents’ goodwill and possessions, lie, lie some more, and someone, in a fit mercy and grace, will pull your feet out of the fire. Perhaps if that mercy and grace inspire Ferris to own up, I would take it as a Christian movie, but he just learns that fun and charisma beat responsibility and honesty.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      If you don’t straighten up and fly right, Jesus won’t love you anymore? That’s a great threat for getting me to behave, but it leaves my soul deader in sin than even before.

      Christianity is NOT a moral code or a philosophical proposition. It is meeting a man who says “You are worth more than your father’s car! No matter how much you might deserve a beating.”

  • http://www.likelierthings.com Jon W

    Would it be possible for us regular commentators, like, agree to moderate our rhetoric just a little tiny bit as an example to our benighted blogmaster? Especially when it comes to responding to other faithful commentators like Dave G on subjects that carry less moral weight than torture and genocide?

    • Mark Shea

      I agree. I’ve just deleted a numbert of Hez’ posts that were gratuitously insulting and personal. Hez: watch your mouth.