Matt Archbold Cracks Me Up

Here he is, giving us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the glossy, high-powered, sexy life of the fast-paced Catholic freelance journalist in his sleek urban world of fast women, big bankrolls, and power schmoozing with the high and mighty.  Don’t you just wish you had it as cushy as him?

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  • victor

    I do have to say that that is one of the best and funniest interviews I’ve ever read.

  • I interviewed Tim Powers last spring and I kicked everyone out of the house for it. It probably made for a better interview but Matt’s experience is a lot funnier. Plus he probably gets more chicks and trips to Vegas than me.

  • Adolfo

    While I’m not a big fan of his writing, I enjoyed that piece quite a bit. Did you happen to look at the comments? All sorts of crazies excoriating him for being a bad parent and/or unprofessional…blogger(?). Utterly ridiculous garbage that gets really insistent. Actually, it looks coordinated somehow. Anyway, nice piece by Matt Archbold.

    • Ted Seeber

      At least I deflected some of the fire off of Matt and onto myself. But yes, I’m pretty sure that at least 5 of the posters there were working together using the “Perfect Parents” defense. As a special needs parent, that got my dander up. Especially the comments from Rose and George who seem to think that if your kid misbehaves, that means you are a bad parent.

      • beccolina

        Oh Ted, you’re more courageous than I. I couldn’t even read more than half the commentary, much less jump in. I guess I’m right in the terrible parent category with you, Matt, and most people I know.

        • Ted Seeber

          I suffer the joys of being a special needs parent every Sunday in Mass. One of these days I’m going to get Christopher to one of the adaptive Masses that the Archdiocese of Portland has been promoting. We currently get to experience it once a year at the Journey Together In Hope Retreat- a mass where nobody cares if your kid is running around (though I did set a limit at the door- and chased Christopher when he violated that limit in the middle of the homily) but where the liturgy itself is correct (if, this year, read off of an IPad- the coordinator forgot to bring the new missal with her for Mass!).

          • beccolina

            When we lived in Texas, I found that the Spanish Mass was more tolerant of small children and their noises and wiggles than the English Mass. I like the liturgical music better too. Back when Crisis Magazine was Inside Catholic, I recall a discussion about the traditional Mass versus the new Mass. I didn’t comment on the discussion since it had come down to some (Traddie) folks asserting that anyone who had to take a child past 1 into the cry room was a poor, lazy parent whose children would obviously grow up to leave the Church for the world. The solution to this was going to the Traditional Mass, keeping your children in the pew, and not embracing any of that radical VII heresy.
            I wasn’t worth the tummy ache it would have given me to join the discussion.

            • Ted Seeber

              Christopher isn’t small anymore- he’s 9 and his coordination hasn’t been affected by the CP at all, though his language and ability to understand have. He finds even children’s Liturgy of the Word to be so boring (because he can’t understand) that he’d rather stay with us in Mass. But ever since he was finally potty trained a year ago, he seems to have discovered that the restroom in the cry room is a more fun place to be; he’s now down to an average of twice a mass going to the rest room (six months ago it was five trips, so I am having some effect). Now if I could just get him to stand for the Gospel and the Lord’s Prayer…..

  • Sam Schmitt

    I found it a bit cringe-worthy – I”m pathetic at my job and I’m going to share it with the world! Funny, but embarrassing.

    • S. Murphy

      Or, I had one of those days, and, yes, it was embarassing– but then, it was too embarassingly funny not to share?

      I dunno- I thought the column was a scream. I don’t know how you can be pathetic at yoir job, if your job is ‘blogger;’ OTOH if it’s journalist, columnist, interviewer, I almost see your point — but everybody has bad days. Even really bad days. And, like the guys at the end of *Treasure of Sierra Madre,* sometimes you just have to laugh about your really bad day.

  • Claire

    I knew that Catholic blogging was the quick and easy path to big money and prestige. I just KNEW it. So many things that I need to rethink completely.

  • SecretAgentMan

    You know, that’s [Read More]

  • I love humor, especially when it accurately affirms Catholicism — here is a funny item about Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking written from an orthodox Catholic perspective: