Romney Again Telegraphs His Catholic Base

Ann Romney: marriage, birth control mandate ‘distract’ from real voting issues

Translation: “Mitt Romney isn’t going to do a damn thing about the HHS mandate, you suckers!  Oh, he could not care less about gay marriage either.  Thanks for your support.  Now buzz off.”

This is a standard political tactic.  The candidate makes culture war noises for the base.  His wife (and/or sister in Romney’s case) then goes out to assure people that he’s not really going to do anything.

He’s also going to betray his prolife supporters, as sis made clear.

You do not serve the State. The State serves you.  So why do you believe the lie that you must serve the Party instead of demanding the Party serve you?  Why put up with this abuse and contempt?  Don’t wait till the election.  Give this rich, powerful, callous, lying, and contemptuous man a very loud piece of your mind right now.  Because once he’s elected, he’s going to dump you like yesterday’ trophy wife.  You know it.  So why stand there and wait for it.  Fight back.

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  • Michael

    Mitt Romney has proven himself this campaign to be complete devoid of political acumen. He is hamfistedly managing to alienate everyone who would like to vote for him. How he ever became governor of Massachusetts is a mystery.

  • Richard Johnson

    He became governor the same way most politicians win office these days…by convincing folks the other candidate would be worse. When the only choice being offered is the lesser of two evils, the only winner will be evil.

  • Surely, people haven’t forgotten a campaign aide mentioning something about an Etch A Sketch?

  • Yes, the accommodations on the Romney lifeboat suck. There is a great deal of work to do for the next presidential primaries (especially if Romney wins). It would be very helpful for Catholics to lay out maximalist, minimalist, and realistic expectations for a Romney administration so we can have a disciplined response and the Romney people can be assured “do x, y, and z if you want the Catholics to calm down, do it early, and you won’t get a brushfire among the social conservatives that will distract you from the core accomplishments you want to get done in your first term.” Unfortunately, I don’t see Catholic leadership doing that. We have much work to do and some of it is entirely internal. Some of it could be done on this very blog.
    That being said, the Romney option remains a lifeboat while voting for Obama is inviting yourself in the shark’s belly and voting 3rd party is holding on to a toothpick and calling it a lifeboat. It may be an excellent toothpick, the best in the world. It’s still not a lifeboat.

  • Richard Johnson

    This story hit the news here in Iowa today.–election.html

    “AMES, Iowa (AP) — A Republican appointed to the Electoral College, Melinda Wadsley was expected to cast her vote for Mitt Romney if he won the state of Iowa in the presidential election.

    Wadsley decided Thursday she couldn’t in good conscience vote for Romney — she had backed Ron Paul during the GOP primary — and resigned to allow the Iowa GOP to choose someone else for that duty.

    “I have always been a straight-ticket Republican, and for the first time in my life I am an undecided voter, therefore, I need to resign my position as a Republican presidential elector,” Wadsley said in an email exchange with The Associated Press.”

  • Chris

    The Church really needs to get its ducks in a row. Hard times ahead.

  • It’s a good post, but if comparing to Obama what would Dr. Evil say to Romney?
    “You’re quasi-evil. You’re semi-evil. You’re the margarine of evil. You’re the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough.”

  • Ray Rechtin

    I have watched and listened with utter consternation as pro-life Catholics debate whether they can vote for Romney/Ryan because Romney’s position is not 100% pro-life. Apparently we have been betrayed by Paul Ryan for accepting Mitt Romney’s position of making exceptions to an abortion ban for rape and incest as the platform to run on. These voters propose that to be seriously pro-life and not jeopardize our souls we should vote for a third party candidate even though that candidate stands absolutely no chance of winning. Reducing the level of evil is not acceptable. We must win the victory in one great battle. Take no prisoners. According to their logic, saving some babies from abortion instead of all of the babies from abortion is jeopardizing our souls.

    I would like to be able to vote for the perfect candidate myself. But the only perfect candidate died on a cross 1,979 years ago. For that matter, I would just like to vote “for” a candidate for once instead of “against” a candidate that I seriously thought would do more harm than his rival. For me, that has not happened since 1984.

    I do not go into this election with blinders on. I do feel that Romney is indeed a flawed candidate. I registered my “protest” vote in the primaries. But I do not believe that a Romney/Ryan administration would be the manifestly evil administration that the Obama/Biden administration has shown itself to be. I would love to have a choice between a candidate who was 100% pro-life and one who allows exceptions for rape and incest. That would mean that our society has progressed a long way. But I do not have that option with any candidate who has any chance to win. Our culture and our society have a long way to go. We will not get there in one great leap.

    In the book, “Barbed Wire Surgeon”, the author tells how Filipinos would risk their lives to leave food and water along the road for American and Filipino P.O.W’s on the Bataan Death March. Apparently, they decided it was better to alleviate some of the suffering even though they could not stop it.

    In our own Catholic tradition we have the story of St. Veronica. Veronica knew she could not stop the execution of Jesus Christ, but she could alleviate the suffering by wiping his face of the blood and sweat and spit.

    In Luke Chapter 10, we are taught the parable of the Good Samaritan. We are all familiar with the story. A man is the victim of thieves who beat him and leave him for dead along the side of the road. A priest and then a Levite both pass by and leave the man giving him a wide berth by walking on the opposite side of the road.

    Why did Our Lord pick a Priest and Levite to be the bad guys in this narrative? Were the Priests and Levites considered the evil ones in Israel at the time? Quite the contrary. They were the “Holy” ones. They passed by and did not stop to help because in Jewish Mosaic Law and customs they would have defiled themselves by touching some one bloodied and would have had to gone through a ritual cleansing after wards. In other words they could not stoop to get their hands dirty to help another human being in such a state. It was beneath them. The Samaritan had no such scruples. Perhaps the Filipinos of 1942 remembered this parable and risked theirs lives to put it into practice. Perhaps Veronica had heard it from Jesus’ lips and had acted upon it.

    If I can not stop all abortions, perhaps I can stop some or even many of them by voting for a viable candidate who at least is somewhat pro-life. Perhaps I can vote for a viable candidate who is not inclined to assault religious freedoms. Perhaps I can vote for a candidate who does not view the constitution as a flawed document because it limits the power of the executive branch. Yes, I will sully myself and vote for a flawed candidate to alleviate some of the evil and not comfort myself with the words that my vote does not really count anyway. My actions do and my vote is an action.

    To all of you out there who wish to be more Catholic than the Pope, I have this to say. When this election is over, and if, God forbid, Barack Obama is returned to office, and all of the self-righteous voters who could not sully themselves to vote for anything less than the perfect candidate go about town with bumper stickers proudly pro-claiming “Don’t Blame me I voted for Ron Paul” or some other non-viable candidate, I will indeed blame You. When more restrictions are placed on pro-life advocates, I will indeed blame You. When another unqualified Supreme Court Justice is confirmed to sit on the bench and do more harm than good for decades to come, I will indeed blame You. When our government figuratively hangs our Church leaders from figurative electric poles for daring to oppose their excesses, I will indeed blame You. When Catholic institutions are closed down and replaced by bloated governmental agencies steeped in bureaucratic red tape and endless regulations, I will indeed blame You. When we have spent ourselves into slvavery and oppression, I will indeed blame You. When we have lost the right to educate our children as we see fit and only the government can educate children, I will indeed blame You. When we have re-defined marriage and left the 20% of young boys who suffer from gender identification to suffer more psychological torture than they already do trying to figure out who they are, I will indeed blame You. And when the body count continues to rise in the bloodiest war in history, The War on the Unborn, I will indeed blame You. If this is the measure that is measured out to me then I must and will accept it.

    Do not tell me you are pro-life and then not take a real option to reduce the suffering. Mother Teresa of Calcutta did not go into the streets of Calcutta thinking she could save all of the sick and dying outcasts at one time. She started with one person at a time. I will take the incremental approach if needed because I do not believe that when I stand before God He will ask if I kept my hands clean by only accepting the perfect. I believe He will ask what I did to alleviate the suffering…how many lives did I save…how many lives did I make better.

    I have a real choice this year. No, it is not a perfect choice. Yes, there will be problems. I can say to myself, like the Priest and Levite did, “Let some one else do it. Or let the government do it.” Or I can say to myself like the Samaritan did, “If not me, then who?” In the end I can only hope to say, “I, by my vote, helped make it a little better. I by my personal charity can make it better one little bit at a time.”

    Ray G. Rechtin