There Must Be, Like, 50 Noah’s Arks on Mt. Ararat

Yet another Noah’s Ark found on Mt. Ararat.

Yeah. We’ll see. This story is two years old. Ain’t heard from these guys since.

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  • Barbara

    What if Mt Arrat IS Noah’s Arc fossilized? I wonder how quickly I could spread that online as “truth”.

  • Dale Price

    I want to open a ski resort on Mt. Ararat. Featuring a ski jump “made out of gopherwood.”

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    Former Baywatch star and Playboy Playmate Donna D’Errico is on Mt. Ararat right now. She fell and hurt herself slightly and tweeted about it.

  • Ted Seeber

    Pretty weird science going on there from the YECers “It can’t really be wood from Noah’s Ark because it carbon dates too young because we all know that Carbon Dating time scale needs re-calibration to fit a 6000 year old Earth”

  • FW Ken

    I saw an aerial picture of “Noah’s Ark” back in the 70s. It’s probably on-line somewhere.

  • beccolina

    I think my parents had a book about someone who found Noah’s Ark, or thought they had. There were pictures. I think actually finding it would be pretty cool, but hardly necessary for my faith.

  • Steven Dunn

    You laugh, Mr. Shea, but just imagine: those aerial images of an ark-like shape could in fact be a decoy created by ancient, stranded chthonic entities that were leisurely enjoying their geological lifespans in the inner chambers of our planet before they were thrust up into the cold, empty ghostlands of the surface, and have been doing their best despite barriers of language and cognitive models to lure in a team of talented geologists to return them to their ancient home but are instead continually bombarded by wave after wave of evangelical pseudoscientists and amateur archaeologists? IMAGINE.

  • J

    Noah’s ark rest just below the western plateo lying east west partly covered in volcanic rock and snow. On 30 degree slope. Its 570 feet by 95 wide. Clearly visable on google earth. Helps if viewed at angle to get the right dimensions. At the bottom of the volcanic rock there is a sper comming off the beaten track where local set off from. If you draw a 300 x 50 boat on paper and set it beside the image you will see the top end covered by snow. Its well camoflarged but it is there…..