Tolerance is not Enough. You. MUST. Approve

Franciscan U of Steubenville under investigation for teaching homosexuality as deviant

Translation: FUS under investigation for believing Catholic teaching.

Very soon, Catholic Churches will be under investigation for believing Catholic teaching.

Not long after that, Catholics will be fined, then jailed, and finally killed for believing Catholic teaching.

Unless, of course, we repent.  Which can happen when Catholics fast and pray.

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  • Adolfo

    Archbishop Gregory Aymond, the Archbishop of New Orleans, has called for Catholics in the archdiocese to set aside today as a day of prayer and fasting for our country as it braces for the upcoming Presidential election.

    As a member of that archdiocese, I just think that’s cool is all.

    • Rosemarie


      I read in an email posted on a Catholic list that yesterday (9/13) was the beginning of a 54-day rosary novena for the election.

  • Adolfo
  • Andy

    I have a concern when I see mental illness listed in a course about deviance – mental illness is an illness – some of the manifestations of the illness may be deviant in appearance, but the underlying cause is not deviant. I think that the University would do well to remove that – mental illness – from the course description.

    • A great deal depends on how you understand the word “deviant”: the social sciences are heavily reliant on statistical analysis, which is all about measuring degrees of “deviation” from the “norm” or the average. So “deviant” in this context could, and probably does, simply mean “extreme minority”. And mental illness is, thank God, a minority experience.

      • Ted Seeber

        Actually, as one person in another discussion pointed out- it isn’t. It isn’t a majority experience, but more people in the United States are likely to be involved in mental illness at some point in their lives than are involved in car accidents at some point in their lives. CDC numbers are 50% for mental illness, 40% for car accidents.

        I would not question including mental illness, though, because it’s an awfully broad category- and any specific diagnosis is usually less than 10% of the population. In addition to that, this is apparently part of a Social Work degree, and since the Reagan Era cut back on the number of beds in mental institutions, mental illness is a real problem among the homeless community.

      • Andy

        I know that the word deviant means a statistical analysis of distance from the “norm” on some measure. However, Mental illness is the term that refers collectively to all diagnosable mental disorders. Mental disorders are health conditions that are characterized by alterations in thinking, mood, or behavior from 2002–2003 President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. As a person who works with folks who are labeled as disabled (Cognitive, physical emotional and Behavioral) we need to be careful not to create an impression that a medical condition or psychological condition is deviant, as much of the definition of deviance in social work revolves around control and non-control.
        Mr. Berger – as a college professor I know that it is not the pre-porfssionals who read descriptions, it is those who are considering a field and we need to be aware that the words in a description convey what is taught – deviance has a social meaning that hides its more technical meaning. I am not suggesting we not use the appropriate technical terms – I am suggesting that we must be aware of who actually reads descriptions and how they might interpret the term.

        • Ted Seeber

          That sounds like the same guessing game as political correctness- which due to my own cognitive disability, you might guess that I have a problem with…..

          • Andy

            Not PC – since you have a disability – are you deviant – I would think that is not the label you would want attached to you – an illness is an illness, a disability is a disability – either can lead to behaviors that are not appropriate, but the root cause is an illness not a deviation from the norm, whatever the norm may be defined as. I fear for many of the folks I work with and their families when the word deviant is used ot describe their kids with Autism, or Behavior Disorders.

    • kmk

      I agree–yes, “deviant” might be meant as a technical term, but read as a Catholic university course description, for a “layperson” is seems basically a list of sins–and mental illness is thrown in. What’s the perceived implication?

    • Ted Seeber

      Deviance in this case means mathematical deviance- that is, a behavior done by a minority against the majority behavior.

      I suspect that there may be more going on here- including bigotry in the accreditation committee. I would certainly want MY social worker to be trained in the root causes of these behaviors (and potentially, how to minimize them).

  • Blog Goliard

    Schools of social work and their national associations have been actively hostile to traditional moral beliefs–as well as a host of other insufficiently PC views–for a long time. Five years ago, the National Association of Scholars issued a detailed report on the matter:

    No institution of higher education that wishes to be at all tolerant of orthodox Christians–much less be a Catholic itself as an institution–should have anything to do with the field. It disappoints me that Franciscan has a Social Work program at all, frankly…or at least, one that attempts to play ball with the national associations instead of telling them to go to hell.

    • On the contrary, we desperately need schools willing to give refuge to students who are called to the field and do not wish to lie and compromise during their education. The difference is that no school who does so should have any doubt as to its catholic character and its willingness to enforce it and a bankroll big enough for the lawyers to expose exactly how bigoted the national association is and how unworthy they are of receiving government recognition. It is government’s recognition and the associations’ unwritten understanding that they will not make the pols regret recognizing them that is the weak link here.

  • Confederate Papist

    Just goes to show they are organised and more militant than ever. We should pray for these folks, but we should never surrender our beliefs.

  • >Translation: FUS under investigation for believing Catholic teaching.

    Not quite. They wouldn’t be under investigation for teaching the Real Presence.

    But it is interesting that homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders until relatively recently. (Early 70s?) How does a view go from mainstream to heresy in so short a period of time?

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Is homosexual behavior as a deviance considered Catholic teaching or not? Are they being investigated for teaching it or not?

      • Ted Seeber

        Homosexual behaviors by Catholic Teaching are Intrinsically Disordered. The Catechism of the Catholic Church does not contain the word “Deviant” at all.

        • Andy, Bad Person

          Is the CCC the comprehensive source for all Catholic thought?

          Homosexual behaviors are taught as being intrinsically disordered because they are deviant, that they contradict the natural law.

    • Mark Shea

      They’re not under investigation for believing *every* Catholic teaching. Even under Communism, not every Catholic teaching, was proscribed. But they are under investigation for believing Catholic teaching not approved by the Tolerance Visigoths.

    • Billy Bean

      Why, my dear Crowhill: don’t you know? The answer, of course is “SCIENCE”!

    • Ted Seeber

      Lobbying. I’m convinced that it was lobbying. Especially since it was only replaced by “Gender Identity Disorder”, with nearly the exact same set of symptoms.

      If we were more honest about it, 100% of the LGBT community suffers from at least neurosis level Gender Identity Disorder.

  • Unless, of course, we repent.

    I presume the “we” you’re talking about here is American society as a whole.

    If it is just us Catholics who repent, then we are likely to suffer greater persecution. Which might, after all, be exactly the witness God desires (or that the world needs) at this point in history.

    The cross will come to each of us, one way or another. Let’s pray that we have the faithfulness to take it up and follow Christ every day that it does.

  • femi-mom

    Actually, looks like this Catholic Sociology department is under investigation for teaching sociology. Deviant, from a social-sciences perspective simply means not-common for most members of a society, or counter to societal norms. Analyzing non-traditional sexual relationships within this context seems like a kind of “d’uh” moment, but I guess when you throw into the mix the “obvious” understanding that (sarc on) *all Catholic institutions are ingerrently bigoted and hateful towards homosexuals* (sarc of) the red flags start to go up.

  • Sam Schmitt

    As explained by the University in a statement (quoted by the Cardinal Newman Society):

    “The course description for this class, to which some are taking issue, is little more than abbreviated chapter headings from the primary course textbook. It is a book used in more than a dozen public universities, and uses the term “deviant” in the sociological sense, simply meaning different from the norm. We understand that some, not understanding the term or its context, might take offense at the description. Nevertheless, changing standard sociological definitions is beyond the scope of our work.”

    Of course, you won’t see this quote in any story about the issue in the MSM – the reporting on this by NPR and others is nothing short of outrageous.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      We understand that some, not understanding the term or its context, might take offense at the description.

      Those deviants.

    • Ted Seeber

      I want to buy that textbook. What is it?