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"If you read the article, when they reported it, they were told that, as it ..."

Damien and Simcha Fisher report a ..."
""Apparently a young female student drove herself (she was the driver with the car keys)"No ..."

Damien and Simcha Fisher report a ..."
"I read all sides and Zippy your article is the one I find most reasonable."

Damien and Simcha Fisher report a ..."
"I think it was Andrew Sullivan who coined the term Christianist.So let me suggest...that we ..."

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  • Doug Sirman

    Great. Now she too can have a blog constrained by an idiotic, user-unfriendly format designed solely to make a reader load as many worthless ads as possible. Verily, if the designers at Patheos were to aspire to be even bigger, money-whoring, cash-sucking jackasses, they’d have to, …[Read More…]

    • Mark Shea

      I sense a subtle subtext to your words. Sadly, I can’t quite discern what you mean since the new format is so universally beloved and absolutely everyone on planet earth loves it and I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback on it. :/

  • Caine

    That’s why I use mobile browsing almost exclusively. It makes for a much better user experience.