Where *is* my power cord? Is it part of my free health care package the Catholic Church owes me?

The Wisdom of the Voters.

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  • John Barnes

    Sadly, a few of these questions are pretty close to what you would actually here from people. We get the leaders we deserve.

  • Ted Seeber

    I am an undecided voter. Sort of. I just know who I am not voting for. I still don’t know who I will vote for.

  • Mark

    Sad. When the founding documents were put in place establishing the USA, who could vote? When we went from the educated land owners to what we see today, we established an uneducated group of idiots selecting our leadership and then wonder why the government does not work. Was it right to limit the voting on our leadership to these few? What other institution selects it leadership by having those with the least skills decide the leadership? What if the students decided who should be president and other office holders at each school? Should we include those who work there such as the cafeteria staff and janitors? No, they use a hand selected board to decide who runs the public universities.
    How long would a business succeed if it had the employees select the leader and that selection process would be based on who gave the workers more pay and benefits? When we allow those to vote who pay nothing in income taxes and receive benefits the ability to bankrupt the country? Should everyone have to pay a portion of the costs for any new benefits that cause the budget to go completely out of whack? Should we insist that any tax increases must come 6 months before an election and go into effect immediately. We need new rules for the massive changes in who can vote since the existing constitution was put in place with sever limitations on who would run the store.

    The country was set up as a Republic and all the laws were based on this limited voting right. If you later change who makes these key decisions, should we add something that says those running cannot promise anything to those who are voting?

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Considering those educated landowners invented the world’s first concentration camps, I’m really not too impressed.

      What if we could round all these public-teat suckers up and auction them off to the highest bidder, to do domestic work, or agricultural labor? Maybe even industrial labor. You might not get back all the money stolen from you by these worthless morons, but you’d cut your losses.

      And imagine the jobs created by just the explosion of chain and shackle manufacture!!!

      • JoFro

        I would say that Mark has a point and the world’s first concentration camps were set up by Imperial Britain in South Africa and the absolute horror of Auschwitz came to you from a very democratic Germany that pretty much was ok with everyone voting!

        But I digress – while I do not think Mark is advocating we go back to 18th century landowners only having the vote, I do believe the voting system needs a shake-up

  • George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson made the first concentration camps? The very first ones ever? Really. Damn, I gotta re-read those history texts.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    Or try thinking, Caine. Unless you mean to claim those 3 men were the only educated landowners in US history.

    The concentration camps didn’t come until the early 19th century, but the men who birthed them were elected by that same educated class of landowners.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    No, jofro, the british were the first to use the term, but the actual practise began in Georgia, United States, in the early 1830s.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    Sorry, jofro, wish I had read farther, down to where you credit Auschwitz to the Weimar.

    Face it, Mark obviously beleives you should be disenfranchised.