Hey Seattle!

Catholic Professionals of Seattle invites you to the:

All Souls Day Requiem Mass, Breakfast and Talk with Catholic Professionals of Seattle

Halloween is upon us; turn your thoughts from commercialism to eternity by drawing closer to the mystery of death and our birth into a life with Christ. Join us to celebrate a Requiem Mass on Nov. 2nd offered for your loved ones with their names read aloud during mass. Mass begins at 7:00 a.m. at the UW Newman Center followed by a breakfast and a talk “Building a Culture of Eternal Life,” by Catholic coffin maker, Marcus Daly, founder of Marian Caskets.

To register visit: http://www.catholicprofessionalsofseattle.org/events.html

I know Marcus and think the world of him.  He is a very fine Catholic, very funny, someone who thinks and prays deeply, and somebody who seriously walks the walk.  Come and hear him talk about something that most of us don’t like to think or talk about, but which is, after all, the point of our lives as Christians.  He and his family are a huge gift to the Seattle Catholic community.  Get to know him.  You won’t be sorry.

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