Interesting Interview with Frank Schaeffer

Here. I’m always at cross-purposes with the guy. He has interesting insights and often comes to crazy-making conclusions. But I think him worth reading.

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  • I tend to take Schaeffer with a block of salt. Sure he can make some good points every now and then, but it’s hard for me to take him too seriously.

  • bob

    Franky is no Francis. He is sadly reminiscent of the alcoholic Crosby son (who was no Bing) who waited til his father was dead to compose a scathing book about a cruel, wicked father no one else recognized. Frank *was* an Orthodox convert around 20 years ago and made some bucks traveling the country as a greenhorn layman telling his conversion story. Now he’s an ultra liberal telling everyone his father was a fraud and *he* helped him get that way! How he’ll make money next week anyone knows, but it’ll be unrecognizable as anything he was a month ago. A pro-abort isn’t an Orthodox layman, he’s an Orthodox layman out to lunch who’s on the make. Frank couldn’t make it as a film maker or author so it’s Huffington Post or nothing.

    • Mark Shea

      Do you have any evidence he supports abortion. Hostility to the Thing that used to be Conservatism is not the same as support for abortion.

      • B.E. Ward

        “Abortion must be legal because women have a need to determine their individual futures, because many women find themselves pregnant without the support of a loving community and in horrible circumstances, because women have been picked on and kicked around throughout history as a result of religious beliefs related to “family values” that turn out to be anything but.”

        • Mark Shea

          Huh. Okay, he’s gone round the bend. Tragic. I wonder what the Orthodox make of him now.

          • B.E. Ward

            I believe the Greeks (in practice, not in policy) are generally considered the more permissive set. He is probably more welcome there than he would be among the Russians, Serbs, or even the OCA. But, for someone as outspoken as he is, I’m sure there’s tension, at least with most clergy.

          • bob

            I’m an Orthodox layman, used to like his stuff. I was fooled like lots of people. We were his last vehicle to income. You won’t find Frank spouting anything explicitly Orthodox these days, it’s not his current gig. You’re not likely to find anyone happily using him as an example for Orthodox laymen anymore than Michael Dukakis or Ari Onassis were.

          • We think of him in much the same way that devout Roman Catholics must think of Vice-President Biden.

  • B.E. Ward

    The man seems to be afflicted by the Me Monster…