Obama Understands Something Fundamental About the Millennial American

We love inflicting death, as long as we can do it in a neat, sanitized way that we don’t have to look at or think about. What matters to us is not morality, but aesthetics.

Dems like to think of themselves as the party of peace lovers.  But in reality, which is to say, in practice, the Dems are simply a bit more gifted at sanitizing the images of death than the right (with its mobs of enthusiasts salivating over war films and torture porn like “24″) manage to be.

The Right Wing culture of Armchair Machismo, with its chickenhawks bravely cheering for brutal torture ordered by Cheney and carried out by helpless patsies who then take the fall for it, means that the Right has never shaken off the aesthetic stigma of neanderthal brutality and so has instead chosen to embrace it and try to make it sexy, ironic, hip, and postmodern.

But normal people remain somewhat creeped out by this.

The Dems, being more skilled with the manipulation of the image, love (not merely tolerate) abortion (which they labor to cover in euphemism and keep out of the public eye.  And when their guy gets into office and ups the slaughter abroad while arrogating to himself the power to secretly order the murder of anybody he likes, the Dems go into overdrive to muffle the conversation in silence.  Note, for instance, in the previous link, how the state-run media New York Times chooses to frame the issue: a “test” of Obama’s “principles”–a brow-furrowed concern piece about a fundamentally decent member of the Tribe of Lefties who is, sadly, driven to seize the power to murder and lie about it, but who needs our patience and fundamental sympathy as he works through this moral struggle with himself.  It never comes within the range of a thinkable thought that Obama’s seizure of the power to unilaterally murder is an *expression* of his “principles”.  Imagine, for one second, how this seizure of tyrannical power to secretly order the murder of citizens would be treated if it were Mitt Romney claiming that power.  Oh wait.  You don’t have to, because Gawker confronted a bunch of Dems with exactly that question and they all scattered like roaches ducking it.

And now, the Administration is laboring to automate the whole process of slaughtering whoever our God King decides to make dead on his secret and unilateral will alone so that no meatware is involved in the efficient work of murder abroad and therefore nobody on the homefront has to have unpleasant encounters with troubled humans who might say something untoward about our Just and Wise God King.

Dems: Why are you supporting this man? How can you sleep at night?

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