Pat Madrid…

points to this refreshing suggestion that we try to think as Catholics instead of as Republicans or Democrats.

The comments from people on Pat’s page, complaining of the priest as a Republican shill and Democrat fool who doesn’t appreciate the glories of the death penalty suggest he is definitely on the right track.

"I said nothing slanderous. First, written words that defame are 'libel' not 'slander'*. Second, whether ..."

What Christianism Stands For
"Beautiful. " least not in a public address.""

Not coincidentally….
"Screw your slanders."

What Christianism Stands For
"Where did I damn anybody?"

Not coincidentally….

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  • Judy

    I do NOT agree with father, on this won. The “republicans” I know are so because of the issue of life. We vote “republican” since their moral platform is like the Catholic church, and we would NEVER agree with a politician just because he said something, but only if it adheres to the tenants of the Church, so I was greatly offended by your opening statements. We ALWAYS HAVE and ALWAYS WILL vote with our FAITH in mind.

    St. Louis

    • Ted Seeber

      But is the Republican Platform actually “like the Catholic Church”? Compare the Republican Platform to Evangelium Vitae, or to Rerum Novarum, how does it pan out?

  • Blog Goliard

    Being an orthodox, well-informed Catholic in 2012 doesn’t mean that one has to vote Republican–or even, in certain races, that it’s a good idea to vote Republican.

    But surely it does mean that one cannot, under any circumstances, vote for any Democrat for Federal office.

    • Irenist

      But surely it does mean that one cannot, under any circumstances, vote for any Democrat for Federal office.

      A handful of pro-life Dems run for the U.S. House every cycle. I don’t know about their other positions (on Obamacare’s contraception mandate, e.g.), but I wouldn’t feel comfortable confidently declaring that one “surely” couldn’t vote for any of them. (I leave aside mention of the Senate, where the temptation to vote for party over principle on a SCOTUS nominess might be a problem for a pro-life Dem.) Frankly, given the way the G.O.P. takes the pro-life vote for granted, I think having a growing number of pro-life Dems in Congress might be just the thing to put the “fear of God” into the G.O.P. establishment.

      • After Bart Stupak’s betrayal, I tend to agree with Blog Goliard.