“Prolife Except When It Endangers the Political Life of the Father”

When a man like this yaks prolife/family values culture war rhetoric, takes you up on a high mountain, and promisse that “all the kingdoms of the earth will I give you if you bow down and vote for me” don’t. Just don’t. Vote your conscience instead. Vote *really* prolife. It profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and lose his own soul. Stop focusing on how your vote will influence the power structure and start thinking about how your vote is changing you. Is it making you grow in virtue or is it making you inured to evil? How many adulterous fornicating “prolife” frauds do we have to elect before we stop letting ourselves be played and demand really prolife pols and not merely “anti-abortion when politically convenient”?

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  • Marion

    A revolting story.

    I do wish that there were more news stories, though, about Progressive leaders whose private behavior is not consistent with their publicly-stated concern for “the little guy”. For example, the story of Al Gore, reprimanding one of his children for carelessness in studying, and while gesturing toward the Secret Service security detail accompanying them, challenging his offspring, “do you want to end up like them when you grow up?” The horrifying “them” being the Secret Service agents, and Gore didn’t care that the men willing to die to protect him might overhear his insulting words.

    The idea being that in the view of some Progressives, their are Alpha beings – givers of orders and holders of wealth like themselves – and Beta beings – those who are lower forms of life, such as security staff who are trained and prepared to risk their lives to protect the Alpha beings. Other examples of Beta beings: trash collectors, ditch diggers, school teachers, police officers, nannies, cleaners, daycare providers. . . .you know, Losers Beings who need to be told what is best for them by the Alphas, and whose rights may be summarily taken away, and who had better reply, “Thank you, sir! May I have another?”

    I live in an area of the country where I hear first-hand stories about Progressive Alpha behavior toward Betas, and it’s not pretty, and it’s rarely if ever reported in the news.

  • Sean O

    What’s the source of that story? I don’t like Al Gore but I find it hard to believe that he would be such a jerk in front of the men who protect him & his family. Even if he felt that way about his staff, it is not in his personal interest to alienate his protectors. The story sounds made up.

    • Marion

      Read it in a book of interviews with agents. No matter what, I shouldn’t have repeated it. Gossip. A sin. Sorry. Forget it.

    • Arnold

      Why would you doubt Gore is capable of that? Another example is Hillary Clinton, who constantly showed contempt for the help, whether state patrolmen in Arkansas assigned to the governor or Secret Service agents. On the other hand, President George W. Bush and his wife were known to be very considerate to their security details. These things are known because the agents have related them and they are consistent with the public personas of those individuals.

  • Sean O

    Mr Shea. On the spot, spot on wisdom. Look beyond the yakking. Who is DOING Pro-Life work? Words are cheap. Cheaper still is election cycle Pro-Life cant. We can’t put up with cant. Can we?

    • I think that begs the categorical imperative… 😉

      • Sean O

        Kant agree more.

  • FWIW, here’s a link to a local news agency with more details (not that we shouldn’t trust Comedy Central):


    As usual, it shows the reactions vary from those who are still going to support him, to those who are walking away because of this, to those pushing for him to step out of the race, to those who are wanting more information (a dying breed in modern political discourse). So while it appears to be a textbook case of hypocrisy 101, not sure where the wider point is going other than be careful how we vote, which seems to be how people are working through it, at least based on the news article.

  • Andy

    This is another case of the GOP using abortion to make money and get/keep power without really caring one iota about ending abortion. The outstanding lack of honesty in all of the politicians is beyond belief – but as long as the we continue to support either party nothing will be done that is truly pro- life.

  • Confederate Papist

    This shows nothing new. There are reprobates on both sides of the aisle.

  • IC

    Sounds like II Samuel 11 to me in modern clothes.

  • IC

    I guess that makes Colbert our Nathan.