Romney Says He Favors Abortion…

in Cases Where It Makes People Vote for Him

The 2012 Election: Where Satire is Indistinguishable from the Actual Position of the Candidate.

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  • rachel

    Is this a real quote from him???? Where else is it being reported?

  • Karen

    The writer is referring to a speech by Norman Coleman, ex-senator from MN, to a Jewish group in Ohio in which Coleman stared that Romney wouldn’t “revoke” Roe. As is typical of Romney, tis particular bombshell was dropped by someone the campaign can disavow when convenient and in a manner that could be endlessly parsed into meaninglessness.

  • Richard Johnson

    Shouldn’t it say something about a candidate’s character that we are truly in doubt as to whether this satirical article is true? If Romney were clearly pro-life then we would easily be able to identify this as satire and discard it as such. But since he has been so difficult when it comes to giving straight answers farcical stories like this have the luster of truth.

    Face it…if Romney were anything but an etch-a-sketch, the media would not be able to make these fake stories look so real.