See, Here’s the Thing: Zombies Aren’t Real

…which means that, cute and funny as all this is, what is actually happening is that your Ruling Class is preparing, not for a zombie apocalypse, but for finding ways to wage war on, well, you.

Not a war of aggression. Not yet. These are still defensive maneuvers centering around “zombies” trying to harm some precious member of the Ruling Class. But what it means is that they fear you. They are getting themselves ready. Just in case. And readiness to make war often leads to willingness to launch war. Not now. But give it time.

Because it’s our Ruling Class vs. the Rest of us. Its already true de jure. But they are already thinking “Suppose de jure becomes de facto”. They want to make sure they already have their guns trained on us and our loved ones, just in case.

Happy Halloween.

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  • freddy

    ***off-topic warning***

    Hey, Mark!
    What do you mean zombies aren’t real? They walk among us! They don’t look all gross and decomposing — on the outside — but the dead walk among us, thirsting.
    I was one of them not long ago, until I went to confession. The dead souls thirst for forgiveness. Much tastier than brains! And much less messy than a bullet and a bonfire.

    Happy Halloween!

  • Liam

    Ever hear of bath salts? It’s a drug sold over the counter at convenience stores until recently. It causes paranoia and hallucinations. We’re seeing it in downtown Seattle. A couple months ago two bath salt junkies hit a homeless man over the head and bit off his lower lip. Google “bath salt zombie.”

    • Mark Shea

      Well, clearly then, we need to be training paramilitary forces to mobilize on a nationwide basis for the ocassional random druggie. would you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge too?

      • Liam

        We have paramilitary forces that deal with these junkies. They are the fire and police departments.

      • Liam

        And I do think these drugs need to be controlled at a national level. What’s with all the friction?

  • Ted Seeber

    The Zombies may not be real, but this product will help you in any form of an apocalypse:
    One of these days I’m going to eat up my current pantry to invest in this (or something from the same company) just in case. There is an immense amount of security knowing my house contains food that will not rot before I pay off the mortgage.

  • ivan_the_mad

    The zombies aren’t real??? That’s what they want you to think! Also, chemtrails!

  • How can you say zombies aren’t real during an election year?