[I]t is almost certainly the case that an Obama-led attack on Iran would generate far more public support than a Romney-led attack, because most Democrats will almost certainly cheer for the former while pretending to be horrified by the latter, will while Republicans would support both (that’s the dynamic that made the very same “counter-terrorism” policies that were so divisive in the Bush years become wildly popular once Obama embraced them).

The stuff that is scariest about Obama–indefinite detainment, secret kill lists, drone strikes that kill civilians without apology–is the stuff that the Left is now silent about and the Right thinks is really cool.  The only thing the Right really longs for to complete Obama’s usurpation of lawless draconian power is the cherry on top of more war and torture, at least if we are to believe Romney and the circle of maniacs he’s chosen as his foreign policy advisors.

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