A reader writes that he has hope, saying…

I see more evidence of hope this election cycle; not a fake hope built on people, but a real hope built on Christ and His Church and Her teachings. Teachings which should be learned, respected, and followed regardless of what type of Democrat or Rupublican your peers will see you as.

I have issues with this as well. I see the Church saying you ‘may’ vote for the lesser of two evils if yada yada yada. (never yada-yada’d Church teaching before) To me, and I could be wrong, I think it CAN enable (though I am sure that’s was not the Church’s purpose) many to ‘tip toe’, as you say, as close to cooperation with intrinsic evil as possible without stepping over. In the end, I can see this teaching being twisted, blindly by partisan-ism, to reach a pre-determined desired end; not for a self-critical and honest critque of candidates and its affect on the individual’s soul for which I am sure it was intended.

But.. onto hope…

Here is a ‘little’ thread on a favorite website of mine.

I have seen alot more honest ‘fruit’ about the fallacy of “hey, I’m voting for the lesser of 2 evils” in this election cycle than in past ones. Perhaps I am just seeing it more now, I am unsure. But, as you read the thread (as I know you are bubbling with free time) hopefully you can not only see how much more work there is needed to be done; but reflect and be thankful for strides made (even and especially small ones); and end having more hope for the future.

Some of the thread has trolling, and childishness; coupled with some serious thought. Pretty much like any political discussion. 🙂

There’s tons of hope and always has been ever since Jesus walked out of the tomb. Winning or losing an election is small beer in a world where death has been defeated.

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