Magister Christianus…

is guilty and inspired as he confronts the fact that we live in a post-Christian culture and that this calls us to prudence and discipleship. I am greatly heartened by posts like this, in which the author treats with reality and does so in light of the gospel.  I think in many ways the loss on election day was a blessing in disguise.

By the way, speaking of discipleship, if you haven’t read Forming Intentional Disciples yet, you really should.  Sherry Weddell will be a keynote speaker at the Archidiocese of Denver’s diocesan conference next March.

"BS!! Are you living under a rock? Why don't you go read Russian Roulette."

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  • ivan_the_mad

    I know that it’s much harder to witness to the Faith everyday than once every four years. MC’s blog post joins a chorus of needed admonishment.

  • Thanks for the link, Mark. Your comment about a blessing in disguise is right on the mark. I am hearing this all over the place. Not that we are anywhere close to martyrdom, but Tertullian’s line about the blood of martyrs being the seed of the Church does come to mind.