Seems Like a Cool Idea

A reader writes:

My local Knights of Columbus council has a project that lots of people can imitate:

To inform Catholics about important issues and raise awareness of the Knights of Columbus and its work, Spirit of Christ Council 12979 in Arvada, Colo. donated Columbia magazine subscriptions to the libraries of local Catholic high schools, colleges and student centers. Each month, the council also collects back issues of Columbia from members and places them in church lobbies and public libraries. A printed label covers the donor’s address and invites eligible men to join the Knights.

With the permission of your church’s office, find a place where you can put the back issues of your Catholic magazines and newspapers for others to pick up. Make sure the local public or college library periodical section subscribes to at least one good Catholic newspaper or magazine. Where possible, put good material in the library’s free magazines racks.

The recycling element of this project works well with the Knights of Columbus and any other group where members all receive the same monthly magazine. Both writers and publishers will appreciate the modest boost in circulation!

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  • Ted Seeber

    Now that is a brilliant idea.

    I’m going to encourage my council to do it as well.

    • Ted Seeber

      And in fact, I did so last night.

  • Old Buckeye

    I drop off magazines to the local hospital ER waiting room so they have something more recent than 1998. I don’t know whether they screen them before setting them out, or whether religious magazines would be culled from the pile, but it’s worth a try to include them and hope they get circulated.

  • PewSitter

    Our doctors, hospitals and libraries routinely screen out religious materials. When challenged, the official response was, “We don’t want to offend people.” Yet, they have all sorts of magazines and pamphlets touting the benefits of contraception and abortion. Can’t win.

  • jim

    I will take this idea on board.I am a brother in council 253 colwyn bay and drop my columbus magazine off at my local catholic church when read. From now I shall stick a contact no. over my name and hope for some interest from fellow parishioners.
    God bless you and your labours.