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President Barack Obama Briefly Worried That His Unaccountable, Murderous Power Might Fall Into Republican Hands

The immense and insufferable hubris of the Left is nowhere more clearly on display than when it regards itself as naturally anointed, by its assumed superiority of brains and morals, to have the obvious right of deciding the life and death of innocents.  It has done this for 40 years with unborn babies.  Why should anybody be surprised that it takes exactly the samea approach to innocents abroad.  The problem, for the Left, is not raw, unaccountable power to commit cold-blooded murder on the unquestioned will of a king.  It is merely with the prospect that the King might be a conservative who does not wield the power to cull the herd in ways suitable to the Left.

This sort of insufferable arrogance is everywhere on the Left and is only made all the more insufferable (in addition to all the, you know, murder and mayhem it licenses) by the fact that Lefties are often rather stupid while they worship, but do not use, their intellects. Mike Flynn, for instance, takes apart that silly bit of self-congratulation from our Murdeous Superiors.

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  • Ye Olde Statistician

    The hat tip is to Ismael Alighieri at Yard Sale of the Mind, who brought it to my attention. He also disassembles it quite well.

  • Chris-KABA

    Nice chart, is that the list of states where the people need to go to “reeducation camps”, compared to ones that have been properly taught to worship at the foot of the philosopher-kings?