The Immaculate Conception

So why the Dogma?

"I guess I should have written "what is the foundation of your version of the ..."

Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
"I missed this comment. I did not recall that you have no faith. Sorry to ..."

Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
"Oh! Because it is of course very charitable of you to tell her about her ..."

Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
"Because you assume that the only reason any atheist would consider converting is the fear ..."

Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth

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  • It’s like, totally unfair, you know? We have to go to Church two days in a row this year! Why can’t the rest of the Bishop’s conferences be like the Diocese of Honolulu? They only have two Holy Days of Obligation besides Sundays. Why can’t we get the Feast of Christ’s Conception moved to the closest Sunday. And, why is his conception so close to his birthday? We already have had the Ascension, and The Epiphany, and Corpus Christi moved to Sunday, why not the rest of the Days of Obligation. Earlier in our history the bishops dropped the Feasts of Joseph, Peter, and Paul as well. It’s not like God needs us to go to Church anyway. He doesn’t need us to praise him. Why can’t I just stay home and worship him in my own way?

    (/sarcasm off)

  • Mark, your series on the Immaculate Conception has really been excellent. Very helpful to this recent convert…especially since this dogma wasn’t terribly well-explained in my RCIA class.