By the way, for those wondering what to make of Obama and Romney both doing their thang by pitching in to the relief effort: I think the proper Christian response is simply gratitude. Is there a political subtext to their actions? Sure. But who cares? When somebody lends a hand you say thanks. Let God sort out motivations.

So: well done Mr. President and Governor Romney. Thanks for helping out.

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  • Another fake:

    Apparently the real storm isn’t impressive enough for some people…

    • Dude, don’t ever visit cracked.com. Their use of photographs to illustrate points would make your head pop off it spun so fast.

    • Richard Bell

      Nice to know my instincts are still there. Not that I found a job in my field, but I did study power systems, and the picture looks wrong. Due to the way the interties work, NYC can be blacked out while all of New Jersey is aglow. Big blackouts stopped happening with the 1965 blackout. Up to that time, neighbouring grid sections always tried to bail out troubled sections. In 1965, the system troubles overwhelmed the ability of the whole grid to cope with the cascade of overloaded lines tripping out, isolating consumers and generators tripping out from overspeed, so the new practice was to abandone troubled grids, as soon as your own stability was threatened.

      Basically, the blacked out area in the image is too large.

      • Rosemarie


        Yeah, considering the area where I live was hit by the storm but did not lose power. Also, Manhattan north of 39th St. still has power while below that is dark. So that picture would make no sense to those who live in the affected area.

  • J

    Always nice ot see a toxic post in the final stages of toxic campaign season.

    • J

      Sorry, I meant “positive” post.

  • RFlaum

    That’s amazing. We finally got power back here (I got off easy; I have a wood stove in my house, plus there’s a lake right nearby for water (not safe for drinking, of course, but we could flush toilets with it), and looting is economically infeasible out here in the suburbs, so the only real problem was boredom), and I have no idea what’s going on. As one of the illiterate younger generation that gets all its news online and is causing the death of print, I actually have no idea what the presidential candidates are doing to help out. It wouldn’t at all surprise me if they were genuinely altruistic in their motivations, though, at least in part. After all, this is an area where they are free to act like normal human beings, since doing so would in no way interfere with their desire for power.