A Powerful Enemy is Killing Our Troops


That’s because our troops and their families are being subjected to an intolerable strain by a Ruling Class that treats them like crap and a populace that never gives them a thought while they bear the burden of maintaining an Empire for immensely powerful people who could not care less about them.

The answer to this is to bring them Home.  It is also to pay them a just wage (did you know that troops are on food stamps because our filthy, disgusting Ruling Class does not pay them enough to support their families, nor provide them the benefits they need, all while they put their lives on the line for the rest of us?)

Of course, being technocratic postmoderns blind to what is human, what our Ruling Class is doing is not observing this common sense, but instead trying to cook up a chemical fix that will allow them to keep putting our troops and their families under intolerable strain. So in addition to everything else, they are using our troops as lab rats for some anti-depressant.

I think that for every military suicide, a member of Congress should be chosen (beginning with the most powerful and richest members), stripped of all earnings beyond the base minimum salary of a Congressoid for the rest of his or her life, and that money and all future income given in perpetuity to the surviving family members.  The Congressoid should also be required to dig that man’s grave with his or her own hands, and to go to the victim’s home and clean their toilet once a week for the rest of his or her life.  If the victim’s parents, widow or children wish to spit in his or her face, they should be immune from assault prosecution.

"Oh Dave, please spare us your self-important histrionics."

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