First the Enemies of Free Speech Came for the Canucks

But I was not a Canuck, so I said nothing:

As many of you are aware my legal tussle, the fallout from our victory over Section 13 (1), with Richard Warman continues. Warman is suing for libel, largely for comments made by multiple readers. Trial is approaching in the New Year and anticipated costs will be be very significant, as in several 10’s of thousands.

While I take no pleasure in asking for your help I must if we are to continue to fight, this appeal is that urgent. If everyone who visits my blog,,  on a daily basis were to donate 20 Dollars our situation would be vastly improved.

If you enjoy reading Blazingcatfur please donate, your help is needed.

I want to thank all of you for your ongoing support, it means a great deal to both K and I. It isn’t always an easy task to provide a forum such as this where the voices of ordinary people can be heard without fear or censure. I will keep on keeping on so long as you want me.

Merry Christmas everyone from Me, K & Pip. Donation instructions below.


Mark Steyn’s PSA –

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  • Marthe Lépine

    I took a look at their Web site (or their blog) but since I did not have the time to read all of it, I could not find what the case was all about. Could someone give a summary, please? What is Section 13(1) part of?

  • Clare Krishan

    Marthe try this clip for a quick intro to the M.O. of this ‘vexatious’ character

    • Marthe Lépine

      I tried but got this error message:
      “This content is not available in your country due to a defamation complaint.”

  • Ingvar

    I’m afraid there is no really short summary of this. Leaving out a lot of important details, there is a lawyer named Richard Warman who used a part of Canadian law to wage “lawfare” (silencing people by suing them) against some rather nasty characters who posted things on the Internet. Neo-nazis and the like. Part of that law has now been repealed. He used some questionable tactics while doing this, including posing as a neo-nazi himself and posting stuff on Internet forums. He’s suing the blogger Mark mentions, Blazing Cat Fur (Arnie Lemaire), for libel. I’m not sure about the merits of that case. It seems to have to do with a post made about a Canadian Senator. I don’t know what to believe. At any rate, a lot of people seem to feel that Mr. Warman become dangerously overzealous in his campaign against Internet hate and started stomping on legitimate free speech. I think there’s some merit to this view. His work probably is probably contributing to a society where saying “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” could get you sued to pauperdom. Not good.