Fun! December 21, 2012

So yesterday John Farrell and I did a Skype chat on “The Hobbit” which you can now view over at his site at

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  • My oldest saw it last night with some friends. His basic take was: it’s typical Jackson. Some really good parts, some overdone not so good parts, and probably 45 minutes too long.

    • Jon W

      Yup. King Kong 2, it was.

  • Brock Smith

    Well, I enjoyed it! My interest in the Hobbit/LOTR has really spiked because of its Catholicity. I happened to read this blog yesterday and it seems fitting too. You’d probably enjoy it!

  • bob

    I liked the book much better. The surround sound Dolby jazz is just too awful. Any slight motion on the screen accompanied by a giant “WHUUUUUMPF!” like a Redwood just hit the ground. Also a few thousand too many opponents in battle scenes. Just because you can duplicate animated images infinitely with a computer and make characters seem to fall 10 miles doesn’t mean you should. After falling 10 miles it helps if they migh limp a little when they stand up. Other than that, peachy!

  • Sherry Weddell

    The most fun was trying to listen to your podcast on my smart phone and accidentally hitting the “on” link three times. So I got to enjoy you in TREREO, each voice just 1 second later than the other. Reminded me of a listening to the muezzins of Jakarta while in a moment of “silent” reflection at Mass. All slightly off and interspersed with the calls of goats, roosters, and fruit and bread sellers. Must go see the movie.

  • Sherry Weddell

    Hey, Mark! You have a certain Baronesque charm on Skype. You could be a star-ling!

    • Nate

      Agreed. I’m of the opinion that Shea would be a good addition to the regular lineup over at Blogging Heads.
      That was a fun talk. Wish it was three times as long!

  • Joseph

    Big Tolkien fan here and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I thought that Jackson’s embellishments were sound and consistent with the lore (Simarillion) and provided essential foreshadowing of the looming threat of Mordor. Looking forward to the next two installments.