Msgr. Charles Pope dismantles a tedious meme

The lie that the “true sin of Sodom” was “inhospitality”. As Scott Hahn pointed out to me in passing once years ago, the threat of homosexual gang rape is a particularly acute form of inhospitality. The attempt to wring some sort of glorious affirmation of gay sex out of Scripture is the work of liars and suckers who believe liars. Tertullian was much more clear-eyed when he asked “What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?” It’s much more honest to just face the fact that, while the Christian tradition has a huge amount of room for those strugglng with same sex attraction (as there is room in the tradition for those struggling with all the other forms of–typically heterosexual–sexual derangement to which our fallen flesh is heir), there is simply no quarter given to the idea that sex is intended by God to be indulged anywhere outside the bounds of marriage between one man and one woman. It’s extraordinarily hard for post-moderns to hold on to that simple fact. But that simple fact exists since sex is ordered toward love and fruitfulness and the family is the place where that is to happen.

We are currently in the midst of a vast social experiment in which we will continue to discover the truth of this by suffering the consequences of denying the truth of this. Our descendents will curse us for attempting the experiment.

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