One of the Most Grievous Losses to Seattle Culture

…apart from the closure of Jones’ Fantastic Museum, was the cancellation of Almost Live.  Happily, it lives on thanks to Youtube:

Bill Nye, before he became The Science Guy, was a Boeing engineer who did standup and, well, stuff like this for local TV. He did gigs at a comedy club that’s across the street from our parish property in Roosevelt.

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  • rachel

    awesome! I never got to see it during the 90’s but my husband introduced me to it and we watch them on Youtube. Apparently, it only aired in Seattle and Buffalo. Go figure 🙂

  • Al

    And now Bill Nye is the overt pied piper of Scientism to kids everywhere (he use to just talk about science in an innocent and wondrous “Johnny Quest” kind of way…no longer)…..warning all tiny tots about teh implicit evuls of religion and the explicit irrationalities of its positions(we ar all fundamentalusts dont you know) in segments with big bird…..I realize the politization of everything is something the left perfected and we should avoid….but he started and continues it mark…..sorry a rid bit grumpy today I am. It’s becoming harder and harder to find the golden corns in the giant turds. 🙂

  • bob

    I read a biography of Dorothy Bullitt, the grand old lady of KING TV. It seems that in her late years (when officially out of the scene there) she couldn’t stand Almost Live. I bet anything she made a few phone calls and got rid of it. Completely agree about Jone’s museum. The Food Circus lost a lot when that went. Not as much excitement as when my father learned field artillery there in the 1930’s.

  • Jessica

    “Almost Live” was a part of my growing up in Seattle… “East Side Story”, “The High-Fiven White Guys” “Green Riverdance” “Billy Quan”, “Ballard Driving Academy”…but did you see this piece of recent news?