Precious Moments

Two unforgettable quotes from yesterday’s contretemps:

“Please name one thing that Voris was not in line with the magnesium of the church on.”


“I am a huge fan of Michael Voris, S.T.B. and Fr. John Zuhlsdorf! They are living saints, and I’m sure one day they will be named doctors of the Church.”

In answer to the first question, Dave Armstrong does yeoman work here. And that’s just *one* thing. Of course, Armstrong never mentions “magnesium” so it may not serve my reader’s needs.

As to the second quote:

Cults of Personality are bad. Elevating net.personalities to Doctors of the Church is… premature.

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  • Dale Price

    Let me just say I really appreciate and enjoy Father Z’s work. And I am morally-certain he’d find that embarrassing.

    • Mark Shea

      My point exactly.

  • EdL

    I think we urgently need an updated episode of “The Vacuum with Vic Vacuous” from your friend Kevin O’Brien. (

    With folks trapped inside this kind of cramped, ideological pietism and addiction to denigrating others, the back-and-forth of forensics is not the most effective tool to reach them (if that’s even possible). I’m a big fan of the good old fashioned reduction ad absurdum. (Oooooooooh Aaaaaaaah… Latin!)

  • EdL


  • EdL

    Is there a way to go back into your comment once posted and fix things? “Magnesium” actually sounds like it came from the spellchecker if the comment was composed on Microsoft Word and then cut and pasted it to the comment box.

    I sometimes do that in an attempt to avoid looking like a maroon (sick(sic)), but if you’re not careful, spellcheck can change something without you noticing and make you look like even more of a maroon (sick(sic)).

    • Mark Shea

      Nope. “Magnesium” was written on the Register combox, which has no autocorrect. It was all the author’s own. One of the few rays of light in that stupid thread.

      • moreana

        Right but the poster may have posted it from an iPhone with an autocorrect. I highly doubt that anyone would write Magnesium for Magisterium.

  • anna lisa

    Wellllllll…I beg to differ. It brought me back to my old days at Catholic school. The bully does what bullies do: He smacks another student in the face. The smacked student calls him an appropriate inappropriate name. All the ninny gadflies that were thrilled over a school yard fight run to get the principal, who makes the student who refers to bullies with naughty terms, disavow her unCatholic and unladylike behavior. All the ninny gadflies cackle in delight, and the bully glowers in the corner.
    The good thing is that the ninny gadflies come off as just that, and it paints an accurate picture of what they’re about–Kind of like “Steve” in Pat Archbold’s gun control thread. He inadvertently and chillingly defends the case for monitoring people who own guns.

  • Anna

    Heh. I like that “S.T.B.” I mean, I have one too and it’s nice and all, but I’d feel like a ninny tacking it on as letters after my name.

  • I know St. Augustine taught that all men desire to know the truth, but if an angel from heaven told me that the future Doctors of the Church comment was not a parody, I would still insist, for the sake of my own equanimity, that it was.

    As for the idea of a Lenten cruise, to me it is so obviously wrong that, when I cast about for a way of explaining what’s wrong with it, I keep returning to, “It would be like going on a cruise during Lent.”

  • “Magnesium”: that’s one for the ages. ROFL