Right now…

It’s 12:12 12/12/12

We Baby Boomers will never have another month/day/year same number sequence again. Enjoy the moment.

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  • LUKE1732

    Dude – where are you – it’s not even noon yet on the left coast.

    • Mark Shea

      It’s not where I am. It’s where the Patheos server is.

  • kmk

    We just had a party! I think we GenXers won’t see it again either. Maybe the little babies in attendance will.
    (Reason #324,788,230 to homeschool–you can have Rosary Potlucks in the morning! : ) )

  • I’m looking forward to next year at 9:10 11/12/13.

  • Jared B.

    Unless there’s a drastic revision of the Gregorian Calendar, I don’t think *anybody* is going to experience a same month/day/year date again any time soon. We’d either need a 13th month introduced (in the Hebrew and a few other calendars with “leap months”, this does happen), or wait until January 1st, 3001 A.D.

  • Jared B.

    *facepalm* OK, 2101 A.D. Today is not my day for mathematical reasoning.

    But I’ll still beat Plusone by an hour at 8:09 and 10 seconds on 11/12/13 πŸ˜‰

  • John B

    Unless of course you think in military time.

    In which case we have 12 more years of this fun!

    • LUKE1732

      In military time, what is the 13th month? πŸ™‚

  • Beth

    And this post highlights the completely annoying format of this “new” Patheos template. When you “click to read more,” there is NOTHING. It was all just a cruel tease. Ugh. Really wish we could see whole stories again …

  • Karl Keating


    I expect to be around for that one. I’ll do my best to be around for 1/2/3/4:5:6, but I’m not making any promises, since that’s nearly nine decades away.

  • obpoet

    This was such a let down compared to 11-11-11-11-11. πŸ™

  • Tom

    I missed both 11/11/11 and 12/12/12. On the bright side, I’m still young and my family lives long, so I have a slim chance at 1/1/01, but I’ll be 106, so I doubt it.

  • Jmac

    No love for 1/3/13 at 13:13:13? Or if you’re on 12-hr time 1/3/13 at 1:31:31?

  • Plenty of cool patterns of numbers left in this century, as some are demonstrating πŸ™‚