A reader writes…

Locked in a life-or-death struggle over principles, eyeball-to-eyball until the last minute, the Party agrees to expand the federal government, expand the debt, and confiscate more property from anyone whose income is reported on a 1040.

Oh, and more perks and subsidies for the money class.

With men and women like these, always ready to boldly fight for their principles, can the future of our country be in doubt?

You know why this happened of course. IT’S BECAUSE MARK SHEA DID NOT VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY!!!!! The entire GOP leadership was committed to pure virtue until I let them down with my failure to support God’s Candidate. I take full responsibility. I am the Man Who Destroyed the GOP. These people may *look* like incompetent corrupt boobs going from one whorehouse to the next in their limos as they seek to serve the money class. But actually, the country is secretly dominated by an obscure blogger who pulls his strings and spins his webs from the comfort of his Dark Tower (cleverly disguised as a lower middle class suburban cinder block house).

America! Feel my Power!

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  • Mercury

    Mark, one of the things that entertains me most about your blog is how people from ALL over the place think you are a nefarious plotter who SECRETLY really wants X (fill it in). You’re a homophobic marriage-hater and a rigidly orthodox heretic.

    I guess it means you’re doing something right! Keep it up.

  • I love you, Mark.

  • In the linked article, “ABC News’ political team” mentions “nearly $100 billion in forgone tax revenue over the next two years” which “includes everything from incentives for employers to hire veterans to incentives for employers to invest in mine safety.”

    Then the piece states, “But it also includes these,” and goes on to list 6 tax break extensions totaling just over a billion dollars.

    ABC News’ political team is teaching its readers which tax breaks are dodgy and which are not. A $4 million break (about two fifths of one hundredth of one percent of the total business tax breaks) for electric motorcycle makers is detailed under that “But” list, an $11.2 billion break for an exception under subpart F for active financing income goes unmentioned.

    Oh ho, those lightfingered rascals in Congress, the piece tells us. Sneaking a billion dollars in pork into a hundred billion dollar deal.

    If you look at what’s in the hand the magician holds in front of you, you won’t see what he’s doing with his other hand.

  • Thomas C.

    Well, Mark, you had good reason not to vote for Mitt Romney. I think he was a man who all he cared about was making money. God’s candidate would have been someone like Rick Santorum or Mike Huckabee. I am a new blogger and a high school student, therefore I could not vote. However, I don’t know that I could have brung myself to vote for Romney. Obama being re-elected from this isn’t a good thing, but in four years, I think that Republicans will have the upper hand. Besides Hillary Clinton, who do you know that has any name recognition that will likely run on the democratic side compared with this Republican side.