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Senator Ronan Mullen writes:

I am sure you are well aware of the important Unite for Life Vigil taking place in Merrion Square, Dublin, this Saturday beginning at 4.30 p.m.

Since my election to the Seanad I have tried to promote respect for human life at all stages as a core value which should inform all policy and legislation.

The Government currently proposes legislation that for the first time would permit the direct and intentional targeting of innocent human life. Legislation for abortion on grounds of threatened suicide has nothing to do with the quality medical care to which all women are entitled (and currently receive in Irish hospitals). It is profoundly unjust to the unborn children who will lose their lives as a result.

We must continue to promote positive alternatives to abortion for Irish women. But the Government’s proposed legislation is unjust, dangerous and damaging to our culture.

There is still time to communicate this message to our Government. For that reason, may I urge to you attend this rally if at all possible? Please consider inviting family and friends to make the journey with you. This event is of interest to all who are concerned with the promotion of human dignity, regardless of political differences or religious outlook.

More information about the vigil is available at www.prolifecampaign.ie

Beir bua agus beannacht,

Rónán Mullen

Be there!

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  • deiseach

    Urgently need prayers on this. We have a coalition government, one of the parties of which is definitely pushing a secular, progressive agenda. This is not to say that every single member of the party, either politician or supporter, is for this kind of amendment, and there are supporters for and protesters against in every section of Irish society. Also, we have avoided legislating on the X Case decision for nearly twenty years, which means we’re in a legal limbo about can or can’t abortion for reasons of threats to the life of the mother (including threats of suicide) be carried out here – and also means that legitimate treatment may be withheld due to concerns that it is perceived as abortion.

    But it’s looking as though the government really wants to bring abotrion in somehow, and the tragic case of Savitra Halappanavar is the excuse they need to do this. So please pray that somehow we get this defeated!