Hey Science Fiction Fans!

There is Catholic niftiness to be found in the works of artists profiled here and interviewed here.

Thanks to reader and skiffy scribe Mike Flynn for the tip!

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What a Time to Be Alive!
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What a Time to Be Alive!

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  • Sandra Miesel continues to be all full of Awesome!

  • Marty Helgesen

    People who are not just fans of science fiction in the sense of liking to read it but are involved in the hobby/subculture of science fiction fandom might be interested in Christian Fandom http://www.christian-fandom.org/

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    I did not know Jerry Pournelle is Catholic.

  • Oh these are older articles that I read before. Still Sandra Miesel is worth re-reading.

    Although I have one slight quibble. I wouldn’t say that Koontz has left genre SF as he still writes some SF novels. His Frankenstein series, 77 Shadow Street were certainly SF and his latest Odd Thomas Novel had some SF elements.

    I would dearly love to know more about Pournelle’s Catholicism. I’ve read close to everything he has written plus his years at Byte and his blog. Niven can be a typical libertarian in regards to human sexuality, but this seems to be moderated when he writes with Pournelle and together they have to be one of the greatest writing teams ever.

    Since that article was written John C. Wright has written two books in his “Count to the Eschaton” series and the “The Hermetic Millennia” came out on Christmas Eve. I really liked his latest book after I got over the timeline difference between the first novel in the series. It reminded me of Olaf Stapledon’s “Last and First Men” without Olaf’s bleak view of humanity.

    Also since this article was written Michael Flynn had written two more books in the January Dancer series. Can hardly wait for “On the Razor’s Edge” to come out.

  • Arnold

    I just finished reading Mike Flynn’s very moving story “Melodies of the Heart” in the collection titled “Captive Dreams” and highly recommend it and his novel “Eifelheim.”