Mike Flynn Writes a Beautiful, Heartbreaking Tribute

to his friend Danny Hommer and all boys everywhere. The loveliest thing I have read since the last beautiful, heart-breaking thing Mike Flynn wrote. Condolences to him–and to the human race–on this loss. May we all meet merrily in the Resurrection amid laughter and old stories with new hills to climb and adventures that will never end.

Ad astra!

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  • Blog Goliard

    Requiescat in pace.

    I’ve long mused on this lost world of free, independent, adventurous children (especially boys). Being at the older edge of Gen-X, I caught the tail end of it; I also got to see it vanish as younger siblings grew up, and then see a whole new and different world of childhood when my own children came along. Looking at all the profound changes, it is no surprise that we produce so many boys who don’t mature, aren’t sure of themselves, expect dependency and are resigned to regimentation, wouldn’t last fifteen minutes alone in the woods, and are just plain lost in life.

    I enjoy small victories here and there–the scout troop has been a boon for my boy, especially since I was always lousy at that sort of thing myself and so not a very good guide to it. But such things feel more like band-aids than cures; merely respites from the controlled, anti-personalist, bureaucratized lives we live now.

    How might we bring back more of the old world of childhood–and especially boyhood–without all being arrested and having the social workers (and/or the other parent who divorced us) take away our kids? Especially for those of us who were born early enough (and country enough) to have some idea what’s wrong…but still too late (and too citified) to have had the full Adventure Club experience ourselves?