Speaking of which, here is another cool story of lives you never heard of

It’s the story of a family who fled the soviets in the 30s and lived in the wilderness, cut off from all human contact, for 40 years.

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  • Rebekka

    Seriously amazing!!!

    • ivan_the_mad

      Seconded! What resilience and ingenuity!

  • Chris S

    They fled violent religious persecution, but at the expense of being cut off from the sacraments for the rest of their lives. How sad.

  • Kirt Higdon

    So this is a cool story because it involves Russians? Why am I suspecting that if an American were to advocate doing this, albeit in a better prepared manner, (as indeed some Americans have advocated and a few have attempted), he would be considered not “cool”, but a nut or dangerous “extremist”?