Another day, another brutal persecution of Christians by Muslims

I was hoping to hear your thoughts about Saeed Abedini who is on trial in Iran for being Christian, a story that ran on Air 1 recently.

Here is a link in case you missed it

Well, of course, fortunately it’s just a Christian, so no harm done. That’s why such stories don’t get heard in the West much while the NY Times obsesses over really important questions like Lady Gaga’s gun bra.

Seriously, my prayers are with all the martyrs who blood is seeding the soil for the gospel. Hell never learns. It keeps killing Christ in the hope that this time he will stay dead. It will, in the end, lead to the triumph of the gospel. God our Father be with your servant Saeed and grant your grace, mercy, peace and deliverance through Christ our Lord and the prayers of the Blessed Virgin and all the martyrs.

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  • Half Heathan

    Islamophobe! You should be banned from any Catholite venue.