Best Topic Idea for the “Closer Look” show so far?

Has Andrew Sullivan found evidence that Benedict XVI is Trig Palin’s real mother?

Stay tuned!

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  • And you never saw the Pope and Batman in the same room together.

  • Adolfo

    Maybe YOU haven’t…

  • Dale Price

    “Beer as a sacramental.”

    It’s a ratings cinch.

  • chris

    Personally, i’d like the distinguished panel to deal with really important topics. For example, why are M&Ms so hard to peel? And what is MinuteRice for the first 59 seconds?

  • JohnK

    Mark, why the obsession with Andrew Sullivan? He is not worth noticing, but you do more than anyone I read to make him special/noticable.

    • Mark Shea

      “Obsession”? Seriously? Aside from the post earlier today and this joke I can’t even remember the last time I mentioned him.

    • S. Murphy

      To do the man justice, Sullivan is following through on his promise from 2008 to hold Obama accountable:

      • Mark Shea

        Better late than never. It’s easy to grow a conscience after he’s finished cheerleading for his election.

  • Todd Jeffries

    Maybe he loves him in a Sirico kinda way?

    • Mark Shea

      Maybe who loves who?