Pelosi: Congressional Pay Cut Would Undermine the Dignity of my Job


As VA struggles, delays and errors greet returning warriors…

The dignity of Nancy Pelosi’s job should be cleaning toilets in Afghanistan until every one of the people she sends into harm’s way while keeping on sub-poverty wages is brought home.  Every dime she and the rest of Congress have made beyond their salary of office should be confiscated and put into a fund for wounded vets.  If they object they should tried for treason and jailed for life.

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  • Nice thought, but who should do it?

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    Since when did Nancy Pelosi assume management of the VA?

    Ms. Pelosi is not responsible for the processing delays–she wasn’t even addressing problems at the VA. She was merely revealing the proposed congressional pay cut in the face of the sequester as a showboating stunt by the anti-government right wing.

    Your suggestion that she be tried for treason and jailed for life is (charitably) just more showboating or it reveals a hatred of Ms. Pelosi that is irrational and unchristian.

    • Steve P

      If you’ve followed any of Mark’s commentary on members of Congress and other government leaders, he would apply the same penalty to any of them if they made such a boneheaded remark.

  • dpt

    Nancy and her family are well ensconced in the 1%.

  • Please . . . this woman herself is undermining the dignity of her office.

  • TheEpic95

    Exactly, Lori.
    Just what I was thinking.

  • John

    I think Mark’s idea should be made into a White House petition. If I ever run for any political office, this will be one of the cornerstones of my platform.