In a dramatic moment for the Church, one man stepped up to keep the focus where it belongs:

On himself:  Mahony says he looks forward to voting on Pope Benedict’s successor

The chutzpah of the Master Narcissist reminds us of the truth discovered by Balaam:  that the Holy Spirit still speaks through the mouth of jackasses.  He will, alas, be part of the next conclave, unless of course, somebody puts him in jail or scratches him from the college of cardinals somehow.

Benedict had the class to resign when he felt himself unequal to the task.  There is a certain logic to the fact that this repellent man refuses to go away, precisely because he has no class at all.

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  • Blargh. Does he not realize he is damaging the Church? Or does he not care?

    • Mark Shea

      Do we have to choose?

      • midwestlady

        No, all the people who might have converted or stayed in the Catholic Church but have changed their minds this week will choose. We apparently have very little to say about it. And that’s how the Cardinal likes it.

        • Scandal may cause the “little ones to sin” (Matthew 18:6) by leaving the Church. For those who are mature in their faith, who understand the Church and exactly what the promises made by Christ in regards to the Church mean, Mahony and similar narcissists will not affect their faith at all. We certainly don’t have faith in the Church because the leaders are so great.

          Rather, we have faith because Christ protects the Church and enables it to fulfill its functions of preserving and spreading truth, dispensing grace, etc. IN SPITE of us. Belloc said it best, “the Catholic Church is an institution I am bound to hold divine, but for unbelievers, here is proof of its divinity: that no merely human institution run with such knavish imbecility would have lasted a fortnight.”

  • rachel

    He doesn’t care Dave :(. He only cared about himself for years and years. He should have been wearing an orange jumpsuit years ago. Sadly, he isn’t 80 yet and he will get to vote :(.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    Citation needed.

    • See the blue text with the line under it in the first line of the post? Move the little arrow on your screen to that, then click the right-hand button on your mouse.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        Actually, this post was a response to an individual who blanketly accused “practically all” of the cardinals of covering up sexual abuse. A citation for such a charge was, indeed, needed.

        That comments seems to have been deleted, leaving my response in confusing limbo.

  • …and throw away the clave!

  • The Deuce

    The good news is, his will be the only vote for Mahony.

    • LOL, gotta love that.

      • Bob_the_other

        Well, strictly speaking, that would be an invalid vote…

        • Paul

          … under old regulations for papal election. I’m pretty sure the current regs have no such requirement. Feel free to provide a citation to Universi dominici gregis, though, if I am incorrect.

  • Bryan

    BXVI is giving up the Papacy for Lent.

  • More baloney from Cardinal Mahony.

  • Kenneth

    Be a real shame if his name somehow slipped onto a no fly list right about the time he got summoned for conclave. Could take 90 days to sort out a mess like that. Yes sir, real shame if that were to happen.

  • Bob_the_other

    You know, it actually did flash through my mind: “Why, o why, could not Pope Benedict have waited until Baloney is gone?”

    • Kenneth

      As CEO, Benedict didn’t have to wait till he was gone. He could have made him gone.

      • Pancho

        Not unless he had grounds for removal. The Cardinal’s behavior didn’t come to light until just a couple of weeks ago, after he was no longer archbishop. Now we’re waiting for the civil authorities to do their thing. You want something done to Mahony? Pester L.A.’s district attorney’s office about it, which I believe is part of Mark’s point….

        “that’s largely up to laity, who run all the police forces, staff all the courts, man all the juries, and operate all the prisons.:

  • Dan

    Blessings to our Pope, but for this undeserving Cardinal… scorn and prayers. The Dean should try to prevent his entry into conclave for causing scandal and demonstrating obstinate impiety.

  • Kim

    Maybe insightful things about Papa Benedicto are more in order at this time?

    By the way, the more you talk Mahony the more you give him what he wants. How about us who aren’t in any position to prosecute him just let his name fall by the wayside?