Is *Everyone* in America Turning into a Terrorist?

Look, people: If the president were wrong to secretly order the death of Americans and innocent civilian foreigners without evidence, arrest, trial, judge, jury or verdict, he would have told you. But he’s clearly explained that he is ethical and wise and his servant has made it clear it’s all legal, so what’s the problem? Or are you with the terrorists too?

Being American *means* “serving our President”. This kind of questioning of his just and wise goodness destroys our freedom by causing us to misuse it for Incorrect Thoughts. If America needed thinking citizens it would not have television. As Ashton and Demi so truly pledged, so must we all pledge: to be a servant to our President and all Mankind (except the ones he kills):

We are One in Him and members of His Body. Don’t lose sight of that by bickering and arguing about who murders who.

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  • Thinkling

    “I come not to be served, but to serve.”

    Oh wait, wrong God. Sorry.

  • SteveP

    Mark, due process is not a popular issue. On the other hand, if a lesbian cannot be openly gay on a direct action ground mission in Afghanistan that provokes the outrage into which the Chief Executive must step to restore order.

    This administration seems to mimic more and more the Episcopal Church of 10 years ago with the constant message of “all is well.” Death by droning.

  • Stephen


    A while back you posted some scathing commentary of the TTUTBC freaking out over gun control like drudge posting pictures of Stalin and Hitler and gening up fear over the gov’t coming to take our guns.

    But very often you post things like this. The logical conclusion of which is a slide in to tyrany where the gov’t not only comes to take our guns but also our lives.

    Combine that with the gov’t stockpiling of weapons and ammunition (even non–military dept), which you also have made mention of several times, and it seems to me that you are drawing the same lines as a lot of folks, even some of the TTUTBC. That before long the gov’t will be coming after “terrorist” citizens here in America and will have to do something about controlling the American population.

    Your post a couple of weeks back on TTHUTBC freaking out over guns seems out of step with your many posts on the advance of the torture state, the killing of American citizens, and the stockpiling of guns by the gov’t. All of which mighty lead people to not trust their gov’t when it comes to keeping their word when it comes to being “allowed” to keep our guns.

  • NoahLuck

    Ugh. I’m almost to the point of tuning out of politics altogether, except maybe to have a house with nifty priest-holes, attics for families, etc. And hey, if nothing happens and things turn out roughly as they ought to, then I get a house with secret bookshelf-doors, which I’ve wanted ever since my childhood *anyway*.

  • Balin

    “A servant to our president?” Hmmmm. The transformation from republic to empire is nearly complete.

  • Ed Mechmann

    Strange how conservatives are absolutists about the Second Amendment, but not so much about the Fifth (life, due process and all that). They also object to action by all sorts of government officials with pocket protectors, but will justify anything by somebody in a military uniform. As for liberals, well, they lost any moral credibility when they bent over backwards to justify stabbing babies in the back of the neck, all in the name of privacy rights.

    • enness

      Hey, hey, hey. Speak for yourself, please!

  • Cinlef

    I get the increasing sense that Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith, may well have been the most prophetic movie made in the last 20 years which is kinda terrifying (on several levels)